High-efficiency Equipment forArgillite Crushing Processing

In the modern industry, argillite is an important functional material. So it has tremendous value of mining.SBM can provide customers high efficiency and energy saving machine for argillite crushing processing.

 Profile of Argillite

Argillite is a kind of sedimentary rock which is solidified by mud and clay, its composition is similar with the shale, but it is not easy tocrush. The composition of argillite is complex, it mainly consist of clay minerals which include water mica and kaolinite, detrital minerals which include quartz, feldspar and mica, epigenetic minerals which include chlorite, and the last composition is iron-manganese and organic matter. The common types of argillite arecalcareous mudstone, iron mudstone and siliceous mudstone. Calcareous mudstone often found in red beds of the continent and the ocean, lagoon sedimentary rock layers. Iron mudstone often found in red rock formations. And the siliceous mudstone can be often accompanied with iron andmanganese rocks.

Application of Argillite

Argillite has some good properties such as water absorption, adhesion and refractory, because of these properties, it can be widely used for making bricks, ceramics and other industries. With the development of the society, more and more Infrastructuresare under construction, so it has high demand for bricks, that means has high demand for argillite. Till now, lots of investorshave inquired SBM’s argillite production line, they all want to enter argillite industry. SBM is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, and we are able to offer all-round mining solutions for our distinguished customers, also we can give you customer-built solutions for your quarrying activities.

Argillite Crushing Processing

When crushing argillite, it can be divided into two crushing stages, coarse crushing and secondary crushing. Experts from SBM design a high-efficiency way to reduce the operation time for the argillite quarry. The main machines used in the argillite crushing production line include vibrating feeder, jaw crusher which is used for coarse crushing, VSI crusher which is used for secondary crushing, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and control system. In the secondary crushing, it also can use impact crusher or cone crusher. The customers can choose different kinds of types and models according to their practical situations and particular requirements.

High-efficiency ArgilliteCrushing Machine

In the argillite processing line, argillite crushing machine performs as the core mining machine, it plays an important role in the processing line. As for argillite crushing machine, it refers to the crushing equipment used for turning large argillite into small particles.

Till now, we have many kinds of types and models of argillite crushing equipment, to our pride, our distinguished customers are satisfied with our machine, they speak highly of our argillite crushing equipment which is high efficiency and low cost. Among all the equipment, the most popular machine isthe VSI crusher which made by SBM.

This crushing machine integrates many patents and it has three crushing methods. It has many advantages such as high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. The adoption of deep chamber makes the throughput of materials increase by about 30%. In addition, the direction of side plate can be adjusted after it’s partially damaged, it is very flexible and it will be able to bump up material using rate and prolong life span by more than 48%. Besides, the core abrasion-resistant material is high degree wear-resistant and temperature-resistant material. More and more investors would like to choose our VSI crusher as their argillite crushing machine.

Argillite Crushing Machine Price

Nowadays, more and more cases have proventhat our equipment is high efficiency and energy saving in the actual production. Days ago, several customers inquired SBM whether we have any type of argillite mining machine for sale.It is no wonder that more and more customers purchase argillite crushing machine from China.If you need further information on our argillite crushing machine or want to know our argillite crushing machine price, you can contact our online mining engineers, who will offer professional suggestions and solutions for your argillite mining business. Believe us, believe yourself, we can.

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