Analyzing the grinding roller of roller vertical grinding mill and solving the problem of the roller

lack of knowledge about maintenance or improper operation will cause a lot of trouble in the process of using vertical roller mill, now we summarize some common faults and solving methods about the roller and roller sleeve below, hoping to service your production.

Vertical roller mill is used for cement raw meal, cement clinker, slag and coal grinding processing, which has the characteristics of a simple structure and low cost of manufacture and use. The equipment is made of shell body, transmission arm and driving device, there is a centering structure to determine the rotary center set up between the shell body and transmission arm, and a returning rail set up at the bottom of the transmission arm through which the transmission arm can support on the shell body, transmission arm connects the driving device through transmission. However, it causes the equipment a lot of trouble easily due to improper use or operation, and it’s helpful to improve the service life of equipment by dealing with these problems correctly.

Fault one: low production, the granularity of finished product is too fine or too coarse.

It’s may be caused by abrasion of the grinding roller, grinding ring, shovel blade; damage of classifier, Large air flow; high speed of classifier, small air flow, these problems can be settled to improve the product by: replacing new products; replacing new blade to turn down the air flow properly; reducing the speed of classifier to increase into the air flow. In addition, insure that purchase the original manufacturer production parts when replacing the vertical roller mill.

Fault two: no or less powder, the powder spraying around inlet, air duct jam.

There may be several reasons for these problems: lax seal; lax seal of the lock powder feeder, suction in turn; improper operation of air flow; no uniform feeding raw material, etc.

Solving methods are: strict seal according to the installation requirements; check the lock powder feeder to prevent suction in turn; Wind doors generally open to 3/4 advisably, Exhaust doors open to no outward powder advisably, but do not have to be too large; observe the ammeter feeding, or listen to the voice without a ammeter, when too more feeding the raw material will jam the air duct.

Fault three: larger noise and vibration the host.

Feed rate is small or the main unit and transmission arm is not coaxial, no clearance between two couplings, anchor bolt is loose; hard material, or no layer; Roller grinding ring seriously out of shape; large bronze abrasion; input size is too fine, no material layer etc.

Solutions: adjust the inlet and the clearance between two couplings; reduce the inlet size; replace the grinding roller and grinding ring, go to manufacturers whose quality is guaranteed when replacing roller of vertical roller mill; replace the copper sleeve; increase the input size.

Because the several problems above often happen, hope that you can operate according to the instructions on the vertical roller mill, to product and process efficiently and rapidly.

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