Natural Sand Making Machine Vertical Roller Mill for Sale from China

Vertical roller mill is the main machine used in natural sand making plant. SBM will provide high quality and production capacity natural sand vertical roller mill for worldwide clients.

Natural Sand Introduction:

Mining from the natural world is called as the natural sand which includes sand and silica sand. These sands are from beach sand, lake sand, river sand, sea sand and sand mountain and so on. Natural sand is formed through wind and rain or water washing after rolling mill in rock or pebble. These natural sands are formed by the particles of the core body and have high strength.

By natural conditions (mainly rock weathering) and formed, particle size less than 5 mm in rock particles, it is referred to as the natural sand. Artificial sand is crushed by stone. With water and river wash, natural sand feels more exquisite.

The Comparison of Natural Sand and Artificial Sand:

Compared with natural sand, there are differences and advantages with artificial sand: the material of washing artificial sand has good stability. Artificial sand is artificial selected raw materials which have material uniformity, stability, mineral component and chemical composition and the raw material is consistent. There is not complex as natural sand. Artificial sand is clean, no argillaceous and other harmful impurities and stable performance.

The Development Trend of Natural Sand:

Since cement is invented and used in foundation construction, sand is the necessary aggregate material. Because of the low cost and widely distributed, natural sand has a large amount of excavation. Due to the need of infrastructure, domestic aggregate demand is very big. Driven by interests, there are lots of situations of destroyed field to dig sand, damaged to dig Sand River. It is not only destroyed the limited arable land, flood control levees, but also cause a lot of engineering accidents. In recent years, as the country's emphasis on environmental protection, collecting natural sand is becoming more and more difficult, because of artificial cost and transportation cost to a variety of reasons such as natural sand price advantage ceased to exist.

Cost Effective Natural Sand Making Machine from China:

As the above has mentioned, natural sand is hard to process. Then choose the suitable natural sand making machine becomes more and more important. According to clients' suggestions and production requirements, SBM has produced the vertical roller mill as the main natural sand making machine.

Natural sand vertical roller mill is a completely new and innovative design and a further step to more efficient grinding of soft and medium-hard products. The basic concept is based on a combination of the lower section of the mill featuring the roller and its supports, the grinding table and drive system, together with a series of highly efficient classifiers. Depending on the different product requirements the mill can be equipped with different types of separators.

The mill combines established technical features with a new innovative support and drive system. This innovative support and drive system incorporates a bearing cartridge with slide shoe bearings and a standard bevel gear box with an electric motor. As a result of this system the forces generated by the grinding action are retained within the vertical roller mill structure and not conducted to the foundations. This makes civil engineering works less expensive.

Structural Analysis of Natural Sand Vertical Roller Mill:

Natural sand vertical roller mill is a three roller air-swept mill design developed for continuous operation with a minimum of maintenance. Why choose the vertical roller mill as the main natural sand making machine? It is because that the fundamental difference between the vertical roller mill and other sand grinding mills is the bearing arrangement for the grinding table which is incorporated into the base of the mill.

This structural design enables an operation with a standard design gearbox instead of the typical gearboxes with integrated bearing section with long delivery times. The milling force is no longer transmitted to any foundation, but directly transferred to the roller arms making sure that civil work, erection and operation is easier to be handled and therefore much more inexpensive.

Fresh feeding natural sand is taken to the vertical roller mill at a controlled rate through the upper feed chute. Milling takes place between the rollers and the table as the material moves outwards. The depth of the material bed on the grinding table is adjustable which controls the retention time in the grinding zone. The ground material is entrained in the air stream which enters through tangential air ports in the base of the mill and is carried upwards to the classifier for the separation by particle size.

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