crushing machines applications in the niobium mining plant

Niobiumhas widely applications in many fields.This accelerates the development of niobium mining plant as well as the crushing machines development, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on.

Development of niobium mining plant

Niobiumis widely used in metallurgical industry, atomic energy industry, aviation, aerospace and electronics industry and many other fields.Widely applications of niobium accelerate the development of niobium mining plants. In some areas that have abundant niobium minerals, such mining plants are very popular. Until the 1960 s, the world's niobium is mainly from granite and sands that containing niobium ore from Nigeria plateau. For the first time since the Norway extracted niobium successfully frompyrochlore ore, carbonate rock and pyrochlore deposit have become the main source of niobium. In Brazil, Canada, Russia and the United States, it has quite a lot of pyrochlore reserves, resource accounts for about 90% of the world total.In the niobium mining plant, the main processed material is pyrochlore ore.

Crushing machines in the niobium mining plant

Niobium is a kind of refractory metals.It is in the form of niobium iron to produce variousalloy steels with high performance strength and other alloy steels.Because the carbonate rock and pyrochlore deposit is the main source of niobium, crushing machines in the niobium mining plant are mainly designed according to properties of pyrochlore ore. According to the different hardness and water-containing of materials, crushing machines can be classified into many different types, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and so on. All these different types crushing machines have their own special characteristics, such as jaw crusher is mainly suitable for hard stones, cone crusher is mainly suitable for medium hard stones, which Mohs’ hardness is below 7, and impact crusher is main suitable for soft materials or some materials that contains more water.

Characteristics of jaw crushers

Jaw crusher is commonly known as the tiger mouth. Jaw crushing cavity that consists of dynamic and static plates simulates the two jaw movement of animals and complete material crushing operations. It is widely used in crushing all kinds of ores and large materials in medium size in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc. Being broken material maximum compressive strength is 320 MPa.Jaw crusher in mining, building materials, construction and other departments are mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher.

Jaw crusher according to the activities of the jaw plate in different ways, it can be divided into simple oscillating jaw crusher (pendulum jaw crusher), complex oscillating jaw crusher (compound pendulum jaw crusher) and integrated oscillating jaw crusher.In many processing plant, simple oscillating jaw crusher is widely applied.

Work part of the jaw crusher is two pieces of jaw plates. One is the fixed jaw plate, vertical (or the upper slightly extraversion) fixed in front of the body wall, the other is active jaw (dynamic jaw), tilt, and form the crushing cavity (work place) with fixed jaw plate. Activity jaw plate does periodic reciprocating motion towards fixed jaw slabs, sometimes separately, sometimes near. When separation of two slabs, material is sent into the crushing cavity and finished products is discharged from the lower part of the cavity. When approached, the materials are squeezed, bent and fractured between two pieces of jaw plates, and then broken.This is the brief working principle of jaw crusher.

Economic values of niobium

Since we have known the crushing machines application in the niobium mining plant, we will learn that some economic values of niobium processing as well as the current situation of niobium reserves in the world.

85% ~ 90% of niobium in the world are consumed by iron and steel industry. in the United States, niobium end-use is structural materials (40%), transportation accounts for 27%, 11% of oil and gas, machinery manufacturing accounted for 11%, other 11%. in the end of the 20th century, the world's niobium consumption is about 20000 tons, production of niobium concentrate is more than 20000 tons .The world's known niobium reserves is 3.5 million tons. Among them, Brazil has 3.3 million tons; Canada has 140000 tons, 64000 tons in Nigeria. This can fully meet the needs of the world's industrial development.In some alloy steel producing, niobium is an very important raw material as well.

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