mining equipment application in tungsten processing plant

As for the important functional materials application in the modern industry, national defense and high and new technology fields, tungsten mining industry has developed very well. Tungsten processing plant has been applied in many quarry site of tungsten.Crusher and grinding machines are widely applied into these processing plants.

Basic information of tungsten

Tungsten element was found in swe tung in 1781 by the Swedish chemist C.W.S cheele, from then called heavy mineral (now called scheelite) and tung (heavy) and sten (stone) compound tungsten named this new element. In 1783 Spaniards f. DE Elhuyar brothers made tungsten oxide from black tungsten, and made tungsten powder with carbon.

Application of tungsten

Tungsten is rare metal or refractory metals with a high melting point in the field of metallurgy and metal materials.Tungsten and its alloys are very important functional materials in the modern industry, national defense and high and new technology application, which are widely used in aerospace, atomic energy, shipbuilding, automobile industry, electrical industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, and many other fields. Especially alloy with high temperature of tungsten is mainly used in gas turbines, rocket, and missile and nuclear reactor components. High density tungsten alloy is used for anti-tank and antisubmarine penetrator head. Tungsten concentrate ore is used in the manufacture of metal tungsten, tungsten carbide, tungsten alloys and compounds.

Tungsten minerals categories in the world

The importance of tungsten minerals is tungstate. In the mineralization process, that can be combined with [WO4] 2 - complex anion cation just has a few, such as Ca2 +, Fe2 +, Mn2 +, Pb2 +, followed by Cu2 +, Zn2 +, Al3 +, Fe3 +, Y3 +, etc., and so types of tungsten mineral are limited. now in the earth's crust, it only found more than 20 kinds of tungsten minerals and tungsten content, namely wolframite race: tungsten manganese ore, tungsten ore, wolframite; Scheelite race: white tungsten molybdenum (tungsten) calcium, scheelite, copper scheelite; Tungsten minerals China: tungsten, tungsten water China, high iron, yttrium tungsten China tungsten China aluminum, copper, tungsten, tungsten water; Not common tungsten content: tungsten lead, oblique tungsten lead, lead, zinc, tungsten molybdenum tungsten bismuth ore, antimony, tungsten pyrochlore, titanium yttrium thorium ore tungsten (w), sulfur, etc. Although it has more than 20 tungsten minerals that have found in the earth, but only wolframite and scheelite has the exploitation of economic value. Wolframite (Fe, Mn) has 76% WO4, WO3; the scheelite CaWO4, include 80.6% WO3.

Tungsten processing plant

As for the important functional materialsapplication in the modern industry, national defense and high and new technology fields, tungsten mining industry has developed very well. Tungsten processing plant has been applied in many quarry site of tungsten. In tungsten processing plant, many mining machines are at demands, such as jaw crusher machines, cone crusher machines, grinding machines, impact crusher machines as well as some other ancillary equipment. All these mining machines are produced by shanghai SBM, a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment in the world. Every product from shanghai SBM is tested by authoritative department on the international market. The quality of them is guaranteed and they have got their reputation in the world. Since the company set up, its business has extended to more than 170 countries. Their main products are crusher and grinding machines as well as some beneficiation machines.

Grinding machines in tungsten processing plant

Grinding machines that produced by shanghai SBM have many different types, such as ultrafine grinding machines, coarse grinding machines, ultrafine grinding machines with high pressure and so on. All these grinding machines have high effective functions in actual practice. Experts in shanghai SBM company can design the best reasonable processing plant for all kinds of rocks and other minerals to help the clients get the maximum profits.

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