How to choose high quality of turbine super-micro mill

there are turbine mill and jet mill can be chosen. This article tells us how to choose quality and suitable grinding mill. First, how important to choose a professional manufacturer and estimate the price of the machine.

There are varieties of crushers, include super-micro mill, small high efficiently crushing-type mill etc, turbine mill is the most famous in variety of crushing devices. Just a few years , turbine mill captures the market very quickly ,it promotes the developing of the whole crushing industry .

Turbine mill is not as the same as jet mill. The former is by the shocking between the turbine blades and the violently collide between materials to achieve the crushing purpose. The turbo is installed on the cylinder rotating spindle and need to adjust the space. While the air flow super-micro mill is by the collision and friction of particle itself to achieve the crushing purpose. There are two kinds of mill: vertical jet mill, horizontal jet mill. The wear of the jet mill is very small and it can protect the products from pollution, the temperature rise very small when crushing .so jet mill is the best chose for crushing the low smelting point material.

Generally, it is suitable for graphite, sulfur, talc etc .Compared with jet mill, turbine super-micro mill is more widely used . As its superior performance and simple operation, more and more investments chose turbine grinding mill, there is a special device on the bearing of the turbine mill .this device is labyrinth and sealed, it stops dust enter into the bearing cavity to achieve the longer service time, the manufacturer will help you to chose the most suitable and complete model for you if you tell them your needs.

Of course, you should chose a professional manufacturer , when you want to buy the grinding device. As they will give you the best professional advices, provide you suitable model according to your raw material. The price of turbine mill are not the same in the market, you should shop around consider the cost performance other than to chose the lower price. The most importance is the quality of the device, whether the after service is professional. At last ,to decide whether the device is worth buying for you .

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