The daily maintenance and troubleshooting of Chilean small mechanical ultrafine grinding mill

Ultrafine grinding mill is widely used in all kinds of industries, and has a great role in promoting China’s high-tech industries. In order to make better use of the ultrafine grinding mill, ensure the daily production, we must know the methods of the daily maintenance of it and the necessary troubleshooting techniques.

Ultrafine grinding mill is made by the advanced technologies in the world, its grinding process has reached the level of nanometers, no mater how big the material to be processed, it can easily meet the needs of the industries. Chile is a modern country, also famous financial centers in the world. As a modern developed country, its normal operation can’t separate from the support of the high-tech. Similarly, the development of Chilean high-tech need the support of the ultrafine and pure raw material, these materials is all produced by the Chilean ultra grinding mill. Therefore, ultrafine grinding mill went into all kind of industries with its high-tech, and has been highly recognized by many enterprises. In order to meet more industries needs for the material, we must know how to maintain our produce equipment, and master the troubleshooting techniques of the ultra grinding mill.

Ultrafine grinding mill is composed by coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind transportation and other equipments, to achieve the purpose of grinding by high speed crashing. It can directly get the powder instead of the traditional screening system. Firstly, the maintenance and keeping of the equipments cannot do without the correct operation, whether large mechanical equipments or small Chilean ultrafine grinding mill, only when we use the standardized methods of operation can save many unnecessary troubles in the maintenance of the equipments. It is very strict with the working environment for the Ultra grinding mill, the working environment temperature can not be over forty-eight degrees, it will easily make the machine damage when the temperature is more than forty-eight degrees, and also must stop to maintain the machines. The rotating belt of the ultra grinding mill can not be too loose nor too tight, or the service life of the machine will be greatly diminished, influence the working of the whole production line.

When we use Chilean ultrafine grinding mill, the common problems we meet are: bearing’s high temperature, bearing speed reduction, machine body inside voice anomaly, blanking, there are many reasons for these problems. Most of the mechanical failures are caused by large mainframe loading, poor bearing lubrication, non-standard bearing installation, the large feeding size, mixed with other material and so on. Bearing takes all the load of the machine, which directly influence the life and operation rate of the machine, so good lubrication plays a crucial role in the service life of the bearing. Meanwhile, the required using lubrication oil must be clean and sealing good. The main oil filling of the machine includes all the moving bearing gears, sliding plane in the rotating bearing and roller bearing. So when we use the machine, we should pay more attention to all the parts of the machine, check the degree of the wear parts, what’s more, note the bearing oil temperature of the worn parts.

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