The Unique Skill of the Nano superfine grinding equipment: processing the tailings to make waste pro

Nano Superfine grinding mill start out a new way as the "New Stars" in green mining economic, process tailings into fine powder material which can be used as building materials by further processing, The nano superfine grinding mill also can be used to help the construction waste and tailings reuse, make them recycle using.

According to relevant data, with the acceleration of Chile's industrialization, there are 8 billion tons of tailings in Chile, the potential value is about 130000000000 RMB by processing tailings, reusing them. The development of tailings will become the high return, zero input industry ,there is one saying in Chile“A hero is nothing but a product of his time”, Nano grinding mill equipment will become a new hero in the green economy, make waste profitable.

Many experts say, tailings is misplaced resource. As the mining industry, it is our first problem to solve: how to integrate resources,how to find a new value of tailings. With the strength of the concept of environmental protection around the world, the process of the tailings will become a difficult problem faced by all countries all over the world, however the appearance of Nano superfine grinding mill machine will obviously make this problem turn.

Before the appearance of Nano grinding mill, the reusing of the tailings has been implemented for some time. People commonly ways are to use them in dam surface green and sand-proof, some use the tailings in filling underground. This is the most direct method of reusing the tailings, which has greater value than directly landfill. The mission of nano grinding mill is to make the failings broken into fine powder as building materials, realize building waste, tailings recycle using, so they can be applied to all industries.

As the mainstream equipments in processing the tailings, Nano grinding equipment has an absolute competitive advantage, as the new advanced type machine in the domestic tailing recycling industry, highly been recognized by our customers. The main principle of Nano grinding is to achieve ultrafine processing, single production, also both have crushing and grinding functions, the higher crushing strength, better final fineness. As the high throughput, all types of tailings don’t need to be screened, directly went into the crushing cavity and can be all crushed become powder, on the one hand it is helpful for the later products processing, and on the other hand it can reduce pressures of the transporting, realize zero waste in the tailings processing, all use, full recovery.

We have already mentioned in above introduction, Nano grinding mill both has crusher and grinder functions, also it is 2 times higher than ordinary grinding equipment in capacities. It particularly shows in the better wear resistance, high nano-technology milling capacity , low noise, and has become true to the environmentally friendly equipment name, Nano Superfine grinding mill start out a new way as the “New Star” in the green mining economic.

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