How to configure crushing production line that is efficient, low energy consuming and environmental

To use native stone, the processing of quarry is a necessity. The quarry of India introduces us how to configure crushing production line that is efficient, low energy consuming and environmental friendly from the aspects of equipment composition of the production line , characteristics of the equipment, equipment capacity and the combination of all sorts of equipment.

Stone plays an important role in people's life. Putting native stone exploited into life and production, crushing stone is essential for processing. A few days ago, in a well-run quarry in India, we learned some knowledge about the stone production line through interviews.

Stepping Into the well-run quarry, looking at various production equipment in perfect order, the first thing came into our mind was how the quarry stone production line was configured to realize the high efficiency, low consumption, environmental friendly, and win high-profile in the industry? The head of the quarry told us that choosing the appropriate crushing equipment of India was the key to the configuration of production line. Usually a complete stone production line is composed of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, transportation equipment and screening equipment. How to choose the right type of equipment to achieve high efficiency, low consumption and the perfect standard shape of the finished product?

First of all, the core part of the production line is the crushing equipment. Crusher of India chosen by this quarry was divided into several categories according to the different product standards: jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, and Vertical shaft impact crusher, etc. Various types of crusher, because of its own distinct characteristics, have different functions. For instance, jaw crusher, with its excellent broken ability and the biggest feed particle size, can crush some relatively hard and big stone; Counterattack crusher is used to break friable materials of low hardness and weak abrasion resistance, such as limestone, basalt stone, granite, concrete, slag and cement block; cone rusher are mainly used for crushing iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles and other rigid materials with strong abradability. In order to obtain sandstones of high quality and good shape, we can also configure a vertical shaft impact crusher which combines the effects of both sand and plastic.

Second, in the selection of feeding equipment, transportation equipment and screening equipment as auxiliary equipment, our requirements is not high, but we should still consider the material properties, understanding its humidity, moisture content, hardness and size. At the same time, various equipment selection need to refer to the production capacity of the whole production line to achieve the cooperation of the overall production ability, avoid open circuit or overload of equipment and guarantee the auxiliary role into full play to maximize the effect of production line.

Finally, taking environmental factors into account, we configurate dust removal equipment for the production line. The dust pollution of quarry is also a big problem in mining industry. For many years, Shanghai Shibang Company, based on the rich production experience, can design production plan and customize production line according to the different nature of the stone and the processing requirement. In addition, each production line is equipped with efficient dust removal device to reduce the dust pollution of the production line.

In years of production, the quarry, on the one hand, pays attention to the maintenance of the production line equipment; on the other hand, it also strictly monitors the quality of equipment. When purchasing the production line equipment, it usually considers the recognition of manufacturers, the performance, service life, and after-sales service of all sorts of equipment, etc. After many years of production, quarry has established a stable relation of cooperation with a number of India crusher manufacturers, so it can guarantee the quality of stone products in the long-term, and at the same time also stabilize.


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