Solutions on how to solve belt breaking of belt conveyor

There are many reasons for broken fault of belt conveyor belt. In order to prevent malfunction caused by these reasons, in addition to the artificial repair and maintenance

Belt conveyor is indispensable conveying equipment for mining industry, which can be used in horizontal or inclined material transportation. Conveyor belt is comprised of a belt, a frame, a driving roller, bearing roller, return roller, tension device, cleaning device, belt conveyor driving frame and other parts. In order to meet the high-yield and efficient mine production needs, belt conveyor is developing towards long distance, large power, large capacity, high speed. Because of the long and high belt load operation and some accidental factors, for example bulk material directly hitting the belt or the metal blocking belt, these will cause the sudden belt rupture. Aiming at these problems, it is necessary to master some troubleshooting plan.

For example, in the production of coal mine, belt conveyor is key equipment in mine transportation system. In the using process, because of the uneven stress on the tape, the inflexible roller rotation and some other reasons, it is prone for tape to deviate, slip and break. The broken fault may bring a lot of difficulties to the repair work of the belt conveyor and large economic losses. At present, many belt conveyor manufacturers have developed broken belt protection devices, which can effectively realize part of fault protection in the running process of belt conveyor. However, to completely solve the fault belt problems, it is needed to strengthen the research and technology input.

There are many reasons for belt conveyor belt breaking. In order to prevent fault accidents caused by these reasons, in addition to the artificial repair and maintenance, it is particularly important to arrange protective devices along the belt conveyor, which can effectively avoid the sudden accidents and be ready at any time. When the conveyor belt works normally, it does not affect the material transporting; when the accident occurs, the arranged broken belt protecting devices immediately act and quickly grasp the sliding broken belt, which reduces the accidents loss.

Mexico belt conveyor has many different models, according to the fault reason of different models, solution methods are different. In the process of belt conveyor operating, it should be controlled by trained professionals in strict accordance with the procedures. To ensure the safe and stable operation of the conveyor belt, creating long-term benefit for you, regular downtime and maintenance are needed.


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