The collection type ultrafine grinding mill-Green energy conservation and environmental protection d

Our country advocates green industry, the safety of workers has been put in the first place, so it will have a higher demand on production technology. Production of green environmental protection grinder has been paid more and more attention.

As a developing country, our country vigorously supports the development of industrial. It will inevitable cause environmental pollution, what we need to do is try our best to reduce the pollution. Self-sustaining policy of ‘ five-year ’plan is to promote the green industry, create profit consumption type and harmony society, also greatly reduce the energy intensity of capital cost and pollutants emission intensity, which will become the focus of all kinds of Chinese industry growth. Besides more and more workers appear the pneumoconios, which must cause our attention to the production safety. Therefore, the appearance of vacuuming grinding mill will meet our demand for reducing dust pollution.

The efficiency and environmental protection intelligent development of the crusher equipment has become the mainstream of development direction. Our country increased system of standards and production management of the energy for each big industry, and the extensive pollution heavy mining pattern gradually abandoned. More and more manufacturing companies begin to seek for less investment, high efficiency and low pollution production equipment. So in the new market demand, it is more urgent to update and upgrade of the mining equipment, also new dust collection type ultrafine grinder will be needed urgently. Domestic grinder equipment production enterprise plays a position role in the transition of the green environmental protection by fully taping the market potential, to develop the large-scale environmental protection and energy saving of broken machinery and equipment, In general, country has strict requirements on equipment environmental protection index. All mining machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises make their efforts toward the less noise, less pollution to update their mechanical equipment, to innovate, and to develop a new multi-function grinder type to meet people's demand.

As we all know, ordinary crusher will produce a lot of dirt and dust in the process of operation and conveying, which will do harm the health of the operators, also the equipment, and cause serious environmental pollution. Caused many serious environmental pollution In recent years, due to the serious pollution, workers' physical illness increasingly more and more seriously and production equipment investment, so we must take the necessary measures to control dust, increase the dust removal equipment, reduce dust pollution. Due to Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co.Ltd company long-term cooperation with foreign advanced technology enterprise, the production of the water cooled vacuuming mill widely recognized by the customers at home and abroad, in a great extent, solves the problems of dust hazard, also reduces the part of the equipment investment, have help our customers to get more profit.

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