Superfine Jet mill- to make the material ultrafine by high-speed airflow

The superfine airflow grinding mill has advanced working principle which make the dry raw material ultrafine by the high-speed airflow, also has a lot of functional advantages, which can reduce the loss of wear parts, and it can process the material with more than mohs hardness of nine.

We know that medium hard material is usually processed by the normal superfine grinding mill, and if high hardness materials processed by them, such as diamond, silicon carbide, metal particles, which will cause great loss of wear parts. So what kind of grinder machines should we choose to process the high hard material? Superfine airflow grinding mill is a better choice.

It is a kind of equipment to make dry material superfine with high speed airflow, is mainly made up of four parts: the grinding nozzle, a classification rotor, the spiral feeder. The working principle of Superfine airflow grinding mill is to make the dry oil-free compressed air accelerate a supersonic airflow by the Lawal nozzle, the airflow drives material in high speed movement, to achieve the grinding effect by the material collision, friction. The material been grinded will go to the classification area with the flow, if the final material size can reach standard will be collected by the collector, the rough material will be sent to the grinding chamber to regrinding, until to meet the standard. Superfine airflow grinding mill is also can be called Lawal superfine grinding mill, Superfine jet mill.

Due to the development of fluid mechanics and jet technology, the Superfine jet mill has been greatly improved. Take advantage of the jet clashing, not only greatly enhance the efficiency of grinding, but also enormously improved the accuracy of classification, improve precision and uniformity of the products. We can know that it has a widely using range through its working principle, it can be used in grinding the dry material superfine, such as western medicine, Chinese medicine, pesticide, chemical industry, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals, talc, barite, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant materials, advanced materials, ceramic powder material and some other similar dry material.
The features of the superfine airflow grinding mill: 1,there is no pollution in process of the material, because the airflow drives the material to make them collide with each other, no other media.2, it has widely application, because low wearing, suitable for above Mohs hardness of nine class material, 3, low energy consumption, compared with other types mill, it can save energy 30% to 50%. 4, final products have high fineness, and the shape is good, also can be arbitrarily adjusted. 5, take a closed structure, less the dust pollution, the process is clean green.

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