The application of CF Series impact hammer mill in the field of ultrafine grinding

there are various types of grinding mill which are widely used in many fields, such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction, etc. This article mainly introduces three cf series grinding mill’s working principle, applications, and their advantages.

Customers can make the best choice by learning more about these machines, also adding their own needs. There are many types of grinding mill, such as crushers, grinders, ultrafine grinding mills, micro fine grinding mills and so on. If subdividing these types of grinding mill, there are cf series, xl series and so on. Cf series of grinding mill is divided into cf three types: cf impact grinding mill, cf hammer grinding mill and cf ultrafine grinding mill. Each type has its own characteristics, advantages, and application areas. Here we come to learn of one by one.

Cf series impact grinding mill also be called cf series impact pulverizer, which is made up of seven parts: hopper, sub-feeder, eddy crushing chamber, impeller body, spindle assembly, base transmission and motor. The working principle of impact mill is to make stone hit stone. And to achieve the purpose of grinding through making the naturally falling stones collide with stones thrown out by impeller acceleration. And it forms a vortex when the stones thrown out by impeller acceleration collide with the naturally falling stones, the raw material been grinded twice in the process, so it greatly reduces the loss of the impact plate in the whole process.

Cf hammer mill is one of the most widely used grinders in the market. Some designs make the hammer blades connect with the rotor, When the metallic foreign come into the grinder, it just break sieve, so can not cause serious accident. When the machine is working, the material get into the crushing chamber from the feeding system, in the high-speed rotation of the hammer collision flies to tooth plate, been hit again after playing back tooth plate collision. And the raw material has been also strongly friction between the screen surface and the hammer, in repeatedly collision and friction, the material gradually being grinded. For the grinder without fans, in the function of the airflow in the grinder body, the final products been discharged by the sieve. For the grinder with a fan, the grinded material been discharged by the sieve, then need to go though the powder collector device (such as set the barrel, the dust bag, etc.), which separate the air in the mixed airflow from the grinding. From the material grinding process, we can see the structure of the machine is composed of three parts: feeding system, the grinding chamber (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate), the discharge part (fans, set the barrel, dust bag).

Cf series ultrafine mill is an equipment for the fine and superfine powder grinding processing, this equipment is mainly suitable for non-flammable, non-metallic materials and the hardness is medium and low, humidity is less than 6%, Mohs hardness is bellow at 9 .This machine adopts advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, is designed on the base of updating and improving the similar machine of the raymond.

These three types of cf series grinder can be widely used in mining, construction, chemical, wear-resistant materials processing and manufacturing industries. Impact mill has distinct advantages for grinding all kinds of ores. Hammer mill is better mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Ultrafine mill has its own advantages for making the super fine powder from raw material in mineral, chemical, construction and other industries which the hardness is bellow in Mohs of 6.5, processing humidity below 6%, non-explosive. Customers can make the best choice according to their needs.


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