Common problems and solutions of highway construction gravel production line

Gravel aggregates are essential materials in highway construction, playing a significant role in the construction process. Highway construction crusher is the mainly equipment in gravel aggregates production line. Solving the common problems in the gravel crusher will greatly help the whole production line run smoothly.

Aggregates are absolutely necessary material in highway construction while stone is the essential part for concrete, cement and gravel aggregates. Because of natural sand and gravel cannot meet the requirement of various industries, people invent the artificial gravel production equipment? Gravel production line, mainly road crusher, is professional equipment for gravel production.

Road construction crushing line is more efficiency and can produce stone that is more in line with market than single gravel production equipment. The SBM highway construction crushing line is widely used in crushing and processing of limestone, basalt, granite and pebbles and other rock. The whole line including feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, vertical impart crusher and conveyor belt etc. the final product is often used in the construction of highway, railway, hydraulic engineering and concrete batching plant.

Compared to fixed crushing equipment, here are the advantages of this crushing line:
 Output size adjustable, high crushing ratio;
 The higher degree of automation in stone production line;
 Energy saving , high efficiency, low operating cost, large capacity, high income;
 Consistent production size and better finished production shape which comply the national standard of highway construction raw material.

To avoid troubles, we need to pay special attention to these problems in the working process of highway construction crushing plant:

 The main bearing fever with abnormal sound and the overload power off of motor. The reason might be: poor lubrication; sediment in the main bearing; bearing broken; the main bearing is not properly installed; excessive or insufficient feeding of ore etc.

 The motor power supply of gearing in the stone crushing line is unstable or too high, the reason might be: the feeder become loose; poor lubrication of the main bearing; high-concentration; imbalance or uneven wear of the liner; excessive wear of the wheel; fault in the circuit etc.

Related solutions are:

1, tighten the feeder and improve lubrication conditions;
2, adjust the operation and replace the liner;
3, replace or repair the gear;
4, exclude electrical fault

 gravel production line vibration phenomenon, the reason may be because: Gear bared together or wear off very well; anchor bolts or bearing screw loose; big gear like connecting screws or bolts loose off; drive bearing wear off very etc. caused.

 Vibration of gravel production line, the reason might be: anchor bolts or bearing bolts loose; the bolts connected by the large gear loose; the drive bearing wear off badly etc.


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