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Project Profile

The amount of natural sand is decreasing. And because of government's limitation on sand quarrying, the advanced and eco-friendly machine-made sand will absolutely replace the natural sand. Pingxiang Yangmeiling Building Material Co., Ltd, as an influential aggregate manufacturer, estimated the market and decided to invest a machine-made sand production line. After inspections and investigations, the company chose SBM and purchased a set of VU Aggregate Optimization System.

After the production line was put into operation, the machine-made sand produced had satisfying granularity and excellent quality, meeting the aggregate demands in local markets perfectly. What should be mentioned was that because the customer's building material plant and cement plant were at the same area, the production base of machine-made sand seemed limited. In light of this, SBM's engineers reasonably reused the obsolete 4-floor concrete framework and designed the production line, helping the customer save expenditures.

Project Introduction

  1. 1.Design Scheme

    Material: Limestone tailing and stone scraps (0-16mm)
    Capacity: 100-120TPH
    Equipment: VU120 Aggregate Optimization System
    Application: The finished products are used in cement plants and mixing plants

  2. 2. Standard of Machine-made Sand

    Every index of VU sand meets the standards like GB/T14684 and JGJ52. In real operation, the fineness can be controlled from 2.0 to 3.5 and the powder content can be adjusted from 3% to 15%.

Equipment Advantages

In view of the increasing demand of high quality sand in building material market, SBM spent 5 years on the development of VU Aggregate Optimization System in the special aggregate optimization experimental area. It's an excellent machine-made sand production system that overcomes the problems in the sand-making technology including crushing, grinding and separating.

VU Aggregate Optimization System

Global advanced sand-making system by dry process

  1. 1) VU Sand Making Crusher

    ------High efficiency

    Based on the domestic first brand VSI Sand Making Machine, the new generation of VU Sand Making Crusher firstly realizes the grinding technologies including high-frequency "stone hitting stone" and "material cloud". Compared with VSI Sand Making Crusher, the VU Sand Making Crusher increases the sand rate and fine sand rate by over 10%.

    ------Smooth sand shape

    The new grinding and dressing effect can effectively eliminate the elongated and flaky particles and remove the edges of sand, which makes the shape of finished sand product improved substantially.

  2. 2) VU FM (Fineness Modulus) Control Screen

    -----High efficiency

    Connecting the mature idea of crushing, screening and powder separating, the Screen can finish the two tasks of material screening and stone dust removing at the same time on the basis of the characteristics of full closure, dust removal using negative pressure and uniform screening. It greatly improves the productivity and frees users from the treatment of dust and sludge which is required in the traditional wet-type screening.

    -----Adjustable and controllable

    Changing the wind volume and flow duct can achieve online precise adjustment without replacing the screen mesh and other parts. Continuous adjustments are available. The fineness of final sand is controllable within 2.5-3.2; the powder content within 3-15%.

  3. 3) Moisture Content Control Machine

    Automated control design guarantees the stable water adding to keep the eligible water content of final sand and the uniformity, and to avoid segregation.

  4. 4)Dust Separating and Collecting System


    The negative-pressure dust collector is used. The closed operation in the whole process including the transportation from fine ore bin to powder tank car is to ensure the dust-free site and the attainment of national environmental standard.


    The negative-pressure dust collector is used. The closed operation in the whole process including the transportation from fine ore bin to powder tank car is to ensure the dust-free site and the attainment of national environmental standard.

  5. 5)VU Particle Shape Optimization Machine

    -----Particle shape optimization

    Imitating formation principle of natural sand, the machine adopts the global pioneering technologies of "low energy crushing and dressing" and "self-grinding via falling mode" that can validly remove the edges on the surface of final products and increase the volume of fine sand of 0.6mm so that the grading and particle shape can get optimization. And the voidage reduces 1-2%; the flow time 5%.

    ------Low cost

    The new and targeted dressing technology reduces the energy consumption of particle shape optimization machine and extends the life span of quick-wear parts (Under the same conditions, the life span is over ten times of impact crushers). Meanwhile, the operation cost is lower.

  6. 6) Central Control System

    ------Stable and Convenient

    The controlling and monitoring tasks of all machines are integrated into the central control system, which greatly simplifies the operation process and ensures the safe, continuous and stable production.

    ------High efficiency

    Setting and keeping the optimal operating parameters are available. And the quality of products is stable. This system can maximize the productivity and keep the overall efficiency at the highest level.

Technological Analysis

After being crushed and dressed by VU impact crusher, the raw materials are, under the action of fineness control screen and dust collector, classified into 3 kinds --- stone powder, materials awaiting another crushing and finished sand product. Stone powder is stored at the powder bin while the finished sand product is sent into the particle optimization system and finished the whole process after being mixed by wet process. The materials processed by VU system can get high-quality machine-made sand with reasonable granularity, smooth shape and controllable powder content and the high-quality dry stone powder. (Application depends on the materials).

Performance Evaluation

The application effect of machine-made sand produced by VU120 system on concrete is far better than that of natural sand.

For preparation of C20-C60 concrete and other special kinds of concrete, the sand produced by VU system can replace the natural sand absolutely. Meanwhile, it is of high intensity and good application performance and can reduce use amount of cement and additional additives.

Customer Feedback

  1. 1. Our factory is not that big. The concrete frame has been obsolete. Surprisingly, after SBM's engineers investigated the site and found the concrete frame, they gave us another scheme by using the frame reliably which cut down our costs.

  2. 2. I have heard the VU system before. Now, its operation completely meets my expectations. The shape of machine-made sand is stable and the granularity can be adjusted freely, so when the finished products are sold in market, they appeal much attention.

    The cooperation is pleasant and after this cooperation, the process of our transformation and upgrading starts to stride forward. Thank SBM!