800TPH Limestone Crushing

Project Background

The customer is a concrete company whose products are widely used in concrete mixing plant, dry-mixed mortar plant, mineral powder preparation and additive production. To balance the overcapacity in concrete market and give full play to industrial chain, the customer decided to invest another high-quality aggregate production line in 2016 to enhance the competition.

Design Scheme

Because the raw material was the limestone slag of a cement plant, the project site was planned to close the cement plant. In 2016, after comprehensive site inspection, SBM engineers chose a vacant lot near the cement plant to build the production line which can fully take advantage of the limestone slag and convey the slag timely. Our project scheme helped the customer save a lot of expenditure on foundation construction, belt conveyor and hopper so that the investment on the whole production line decreased.

Basic Introduction

Material: Limestone

Capacity: 800TPH

Application: Concrete aggregate

Output Size: 0-5, 5-10, 10-20mm

Equipment: HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, VSI Impact Crusher, Vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, dust collector and conveying system

Technological Process

Along belt conveyor, raw material enters the vibrating screen for primary screening and then enters the buffer hopper. Next, the material out of the hopper enters the HPT300 Cone Crusher. The broken material would be sent to the vibrating screen again and then to the VSI1140 Impact Crusher to adjust shape of material.

Project Advantage

1. For limestone crushing, SBM provided 3 HPT300 Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crushers. Material, after being broken by the cone crushers enters VU Modulus Control Screen for further adjustment. The output material boasts excellent shape and granularity and low powder content, which totally meets all the strict requirements of the customer. The cone crushers and vibrating screens were placed each to each so as to ensure the stable capacity of 800TPH.

2. The production line was next to the cement plant. The whole layout was compact including 6 areas---buffer hopper area, crushing plant, screening plant, product warehouse, raw material plant and clay house. The screening plant and crushing plant were equipped with dust removing system; the belt conveyor was equipped with dust cover and the product warehouse adopted closed steel silo. So the whole production system was clean and environmental and basically achieved dust-free production.

3. The impulse off-line anti-blown dust collector not only ensured the excellent quality of finished product, but also cut the fee of regular dust removal pipeline.

4. Before construction, SBM comprehensively researched and optimized the project. Under existing conditions, the project achieved compact layout, smooth technical process, simple production and investment reduction simultaneously.

5. On project design, SBM adopted energy-saving measures to maximize the economic profits.

6. Reasonable scheme and construction reduced the impact on production. Generally, efficient operation made the customer feel at ease.