SBM solid wastes crushing plant with a capacity of 100 ton an hour


After comprehensively considering the strength and equipment, the company, together with municipal party committee and government, chose to cooperate with SBM to build a construction solid waste treatment project to ease the pressure of construction wastes.


Project Profile

Raw Material:Construction wastes (from demolition, decoration and concrete block)


Output Size:0-5-10-31.5mm

Applications:Used to make recycled aggregates

Major Equipment:CI5X Impact Crusher, S5X Vibrating Screen, B6X Belt Conveyor, MS Steel Platform


1.The dust cover of traditional belt conveyor is made of colored steel and tile material, which is not only easy to damage, but also has poor environmental protection effect. But in this project, SBM adopts all-steel bending dust cover, which is beautiful, and atmospheric, long service life and has better environmental protection performance.

2.The project is equipped with CI5X Impact Crusher, which is an advanced machine to disposal solid wastes. The construction waste is processed by the process of "crushing and sorting + recycling" to produce recycled aggregates (including recycled sand and recycled brick materials). So the daily output can be up to 1,200 tons, with an annual output of about 400,000 m3 (for recycled bricks).

3.The base of main equip adopts whole-steel structure (can be prepared in advance and then directly assembled on site), which greatly increases the speed of project construction and ensures the overall quality of whole plant.

4.The project was completed at the end of 2019, but not put into operation because of COVID-19. When in April of 2020, the epidemic was brought under control. Our engineers immediately rushed to the site to guide the commissioning, promoting the resumption production.