30TPH Clean Coal Powder Preparation Plant

Project Background

In June 27th, 2018, China State Council announced plans to roll out a three-year plan to ensure greater achievements in air pollution control. The three-year Plan on Defending the Blue Sky clearly stipulates that northern areas shall advocate the use of clean coal powder to solve the heating problem in winter…


Project Profile

This clean coal powder preparation project is located in Hebei Province, China. It’s an important municipal project aiming to offer fuel to urban heating boilers. It occupies 20,000m2 but is capable of satisfying 3,000,000m2 of heating needs. Through inspections and analyses among several mill manufacturers, the customer company finally chose SBM whose solution featured environmental protection, low operational costs and high quality.

This project adopts two sets of LM150A Vertical Grinding Mills and other auxiliary facilities. It has been put into operation since November, 2017. Currently, the operation keeps stable with the output meeting expected requirements.

Design Scheme

Material: Coal Powder

Capacity: 30TPH

Output Size: 200mesh

Equipment: 2 sets of LM150A Vertical Grinding Mills

Application: Supplied to boilers for heating

Project Advantages

◆ The solution is specially made according to local geographic characteristics. The layout of the whole production line is reasonable with the production process smooth.

◆ The project is equipped with a special explosion-proof dust remover with high standards. All exhaust gas flows, along with ducts, into the desulfurization tower of the boiler system. Hence, there is no exhaust emission, green and eco-friendly.

◆ The LM150A Grinding Mills uses an external dilute-oil lubrication station and hydraulic station. Bearings of grinding rollers and the speed reducer adopts dilute-oil lubrication so the machine can work continuously without downtime. Besides, the lubrication system is stable and reliable and its maintenance is quite easy.


Forging clean and efficient coal powder preparation projects is an important field that this industry is pursuing and also a business which SBM just does well in. If you need to produce clean coal powder, SBM is awaiting you!