8TPH Anthracite Grinding Plant

Project Background

This customer is one of important activated carbon enterprises in China, mainly engaged in activated carbon and activated coke. The customer wanted to enlarge the production scale, however, the equipment purchased previously was not suitable anymore because of some weaknesses like low yielding, frequent replacement of vulnerable parts, terrible environmental benefits and unsatisfying automation. So, the customer decided to replace it with a vertical grinding line to meet production needs. After inspections and analyses among multiple vertical mill manufacturers, SBM won the favor.


Design Scheme

Material: Anthracite / Taixi anthracite

Input Size: <20mm

Output Size: 200mesh D90

Capacity: >8TPH (per unit)

Equipment: LM150M Vertical Grinding Mill, fan, feeder, dust collector and electric control cabinet

Project Advantages

1. Large yield

The finished product can be used to produce activated carbon. The smallest grinding mill can maintain its capacity at over 6 tons per hour while larger ones can output more than 20 tons per hour.

2. Small occupational area

LM Vertical Grinding Mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder separation and transportation. The layout is compact. It can be placed outdoors. It adopts hot airflow to transport material, so material whose moisture is above 15% can get dried inside the grinding mill without additional drying system. The inlet air temperature can be adjusted to control and meet the moisture standard.

3. Low operational costs

The LM Vertical Grinding Mill has a reasonable structure and adopts the principle of material bed grinding, so the grinding efficiency is high. Meanwhile, hydraulic pressure is applied to the grinding rollers, and the hydraulic system is equipped with an energy accumulator, so the pressure is continuous and adjustable and the vibration occurred during operation is slight. Thereby, the grinding quality is effective and reliable, and the output is stable.

4. Long replacement period of vulnerable parts

Easy and quick replacement. The grinding rollers of LM Vertical Grinding Mill are made of high-grade material. During operation, there is no touch between grinding rollers and the grinding plate, so the abrasion is slight. Usually, the common replacement period of grinding rollers and grinding plate is around 7,200 hours. Through maintenance cylinder, the roller sleeves and lining plates can be replaced quickly and easily, which avoiding costs led by downtime to a great extent.

5. Low noises and little fugitive dust

The noise of LM Vertical Grinding Mill is only within 80-85 dB (noise grade A). A fully closed system is adopted. It runs under negative pressure, which avoids dust spill-over. Finished powder is collected by a special impulse collector whose collection efficiency can be as high as 99.99% while the exhaust emission is below 10mg, totally meeting the emission standard. High-efficiency impulse collectors are arranged at all dust leakage points for dust removal.

6. High degree of automation

The application of dilute-oil station and hydraulic station allows the equipment to run non-stop for a long time without any trouble.