HPT Cone Crusher Popular in Metallic Mining Industry


The crushing of metallic ores always consumes a lot of raw materials, electric energy and steel. To reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, SBM launched the HPT Cone Crusher. It adopts the lamination crushing principle, a way to make material crush itself to reach the purpose of crushing more and grinding less. With HPT Cone Crushers, production costs are expected to be reduced greatly.

There are two kinds of crushing chambers for choosing. One is medium-crushing chamber, and the other is fine crushing chamber. When HPT Cone Crusher is used for medium crushing, it can reduce the stress of next crushing equipment. When it is used for fine crushing, it can produce high content of end products, which is helpful to reduce the granularity of materials entering grinding mills.

In mining industry, SBM’s HPT Cone Crusher is widely used to process Gold Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Nickel Ore, Lead-zinc Ore, Aluminum Ore and so on. By virtue of high efficiency and high-quality output, it’s popular among global giants in this industry.

1.12 Million Tons/year Magnetite Crushing Project

Inner Mongolia is the main storage place of magnetite in China. This customer from there has built two crushing and beneficiation production lines in Baotou and Bayannur in Inner Mongolia. Based on the historical cooperations, when selecting the crushing equipment, the customer has great confidence in the production capacity of SBM's HPT Cone Crusher.

A. 500t/h Magnetite Project in Bayannur

B.1000t/h Magnetite Project in Baotou

2. Gold Ore Crushing Project

The original crushing plant of the gold mine did not meet the production requirements. The customer found SBM team to redesign the plant. By reducing the grinding particle size, adopting the three-stage and one-closed-circuit process, and selecting HPT Cone Crusher, high processing capacity and ideal end products before grinding have been achieved.

3. 3 Million Tons/year Iron Ore Tailings Project

The project utilizes the iron and steel tailings resources. HPT500 Cone Crusher was used to process them. After processing, iron concentrate and high-quality aggregates are produced.

4. 1.5 Million Tons/year Lead-zinc Ore Crushing Project

The project deals with Lead-zinc Ore with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons and produces finished products of - 12mm. Two sets of HPT300 Cone Crusher are selected.

In the future, SBM will continuously improve the performance of mining equipment and hope to cooperate with more customers to jointly promote mining industry to grow towards the green, intelligent, safe and efficient direction.