China Commercial Concrete Forum 2017


Summary:Under the background that concrete price is soaring and environment protection is highly emphasized, the 14th China Commercial Concrete Forum, themed by "Choice in Changing Situations" was held on November 5, 2017, in Shanxi Province.

The forum was mainly sponsored by ITIBMI and Science Popularization Committee for CCS and co-organized by SBM. The attendees amounted to over 800.

B&R Initiative, foundation of Xiong'an New District, sponge city, urban underground pipeline gallery, pre-fabricated house, rise on infrastructure investment and PPP projects…Chinese concrete industry has experienced too much turbulence in 2017. However, the turbulence is filled with opportunities. If domestic concrete industry can grasp the opportunities tightly, the future is still promising.

This forum called elites at concrete industry together including domestic and foreign famous experts, industrial directors, leaders and entrepreneurs and some professors who participate in the construction of major engineering projects, to discuss over the technological innovation and growth of domestic commercial concrete industry.

SBM, as a professional manufacturer of aggregate equipment and supplier of aggregate production solutions, has built numerous aggregate production demonstration lines for customers. We always hold green, eco-friendly, efficient and energy-saving production concepts to help customers upgrade production lines and increase their economic profits. At the forum, therefore, SBM won the consensus in this industry.

01 Share Honors with Old Friends

To encourage some excellent commercial concrete enterprises which have made achievements on environmental protection and scientific innovation, this forum granted them with “2016-2017 China Commercial Concrete Model Brand”. SBM's old friends including Linfen Huaji Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Beiyuan Concrete Co., Ltd., Linyi Jintai Concrete Co., Ltd. were granted by this honor.

Given the contributions SBM has made in concrete industry, SBM was granted the honor of “Best Demonstration Brand of Concrete Machinery Industry”.

02 Reporting

On behalf of SBM, Mr. Chen, the director of market department of SBM, made a report called Forging Competitive Aggregate Equipment, Offering Efficient, Intelligent and Eco-friendly Solutions. The report combined several cases of SBM to analyze comprehensively the commercial concrete on the production technologies, equipment and energy conservation and environment protection.

03 Visiting High-quality Aggregate Production Project

In late 2016, SBM signed a contract with Linfen Huaji Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. on a crushing project which is expected to process a million tons of wastes and tailings annually. As the first building wastes and industrial tailings recycle project in Shanxi Province, this project plays an important part in extending industry chain of concrete and controlling production costs. So, the last item on the agenda was to visit the project site.

After visiting the project site in the afternoon of November 6th, 2017, the 14th Commercial Concrete Forum came to an end. But all tries and efforts to protect environment, to develop green mines and to improve sustainable growth will never stop. SBM is willing to progress with our customers and help more people transform and upgrade their production to make more contributions to this society and the environment.