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Summary:To quickly collect the running situations of previous production lines, SBM pushes out a special after-sales service called "Quality Tour". What is it?

Every year, SBM would dispatch some engineers to pay a return visit to our customers' production sites so as to collect messages about running situations and give some instructions if necessary. In December of 2017, SBM gave an end of the quality tour this year by revisiting five production lines distributed at Zhejiang, shaanxi and Guangdong. Let's look at the site conditions together.

SBM is in Zhejiang

On December 5th to 8th, SBM's engineers paid a revisit to the projects at Zhoushan and Longyou respectively. These two projects are the representatives accepting the EPC service. On the sites, the customers discussed with our engineers over the production difficulties and got satisfying answers from our engineers…

SBM is in Shaanxi

At the middle of December, our revisit team came to the Zhashui production line in Shaanxi Province. During the revisit, our engineers found there were some problems on equipment operation which may badly influence the production efficiency and reduce the service life of equipment. Hence, they gave the operational staff an urgent training and some instructive suggestions about how to operate the equipment correctly. The customer, therefore, spoke highly of our service "Quality Tour". He said: "Luckily you pay a return visit to my production site, or else I will never know that what I am doing is wrong. Thanks a lot."

SBM is in Guangdong

At the end of December, our revisit team came to Guangdong province. It was the last stop of "Quality Tour" in 2017. Likewise, there are also some operational problems such as the incorrect uses of HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher and S5X Vibrating Screen. Improper operations shall be strictly controlled. After correcting their operations, our engineers emphasized the importance of correct operation again.

Bring better service to customers is never a slogan. The quality of service is decided by actual actions. "Quality Tour" is necessary. Without it, we cannot know the operation problems of our customers. So we would perform this service all the time. 2018, SBM is looking forward to meet you.