Annual Party:Gather Strength to March towards a Century Enterprise


Summary:On February 23, 2018, SBM welcomed the long-awaited annual meeting, themed by "Gather Strength·Century Enterprise·Fight For 2018".

On February 23, 2018, SBM welcomed the long-awaited annual meeting, themed by "Gather Strength·Century Enterprise·Fight For 2018".
Before the meeting, all staffs gathered in front of SBM's twin office buildings for taking group photos. So, are you ready? 3, 2, 1…… CHEESE~
After taking photos, we came to the large auditorium which can accommodate as many as one thousand persons. After watching New Year greeting videos took by each department and reviewing SBM's major events in 2017, the annual meeting began officially. Schedule arrangements of the annual meeting are as follows.
1. Giving Resolutions to Greet the Year of Dog
SBM has 3 systems--- production system, marketing system and functional system respectively. At the meeting, all 3 systems gave their resolutions and targets which they will try their best to achieve in 2018. After that, under the guidance of the chairman and the executive vice president, all staffs stood up to sing out SBM's core value,"We forge our quality with care and elaboration, mold our resplendence with sincerity and persistence. We, in pursuit of being envoy of honesty, will progress with the world in harmony and sparkle the light of civilization all the way."
2. Awarding Honors
To be a century enterprise needs efforts of every SBMer. So, to encourage employees, SBM would honor those who perform well in their positions every year. At 2018 annual meeting, we set several kinds of honors --- Excellent Employees, Excellent Lecturers, Excellent Managers and Enterprise Culture Awards (individual & team).
3. Gala Show
The 2018 Victoria's Secret Show is still faraway. So why not feast your eyes on SBM's catwalk show first?
Parallel Galaxies, What I miss……The most effective way to calm down the noisy auditorium in the world must be solo. Please be quiet and enjoy these two songs.
Putting on cheongsam and holding a feather fan, then dancing to music……let's travel back to the Golden Years of old Shanghai together.
Chorus show "Enter a New Era" brought by SBM's Party committee. Magnificent~
4. Lucky Draw
In the Year of Dog, who will be the lucky dog? Is it you?
5. Banquet
Apart from dance and music, banquet will never be absent after a gala show. See, SBM's Michelin chefs have already prepared all kinds of delicacies for every staff
Finally, let's say goodbye to 2017 and embrace 2018 together; let's hold together and make every effort to create a better tomorrow for our growing company; let's create value, share value, obey orders and respect value.