Achievements Made in the First Half of 2018


Summary:In recent years, Chinese aggregate industry has been in the process of practicing green growth. In respects of accelerating construction of green mines, buildin

In recent years, Chinese aggregate industry has been in the process of practicing green growth. In respects of accelerating construction of green mines, building green aggregate system and coordinating with the B&R initiative, Chinese aggregate industry has made considerable achievements undoubtedly, which brings enterprises good opportunities and wider market space. Under such a smooth and steady developmental trend, SBM, in the first half of 2018, kept going forward and actively formulated market-oriented strategies to grasp every chance and to ensure the implementation of each task.

Prominent Sales Performance

In the first 6 months of 2018, some sales divisions completed more than 60% of their annual performance. Behind these outstanding achievements, a group of people are constantly striving to move toward the goal. They work together to achieve great results and make successes in projects one after another. Here are some key projects that SBM was building or has completed in the first half of 2018.

1.Henan 1500TPH Granite Crushing Line

The customer company is engaged in green building materials. It plans to build an environmental industrial park with local characteristics to produce high-quality sand & gravel, concrete, dry-mixed mortar and PC prefabricated parts by recycling piling mine gangues and wastes.

This project adopts SBM's EPC service. The project can recycle 7.2 million tons of granite wastes and gangues and produce 3.6 million tons of high-quality aggregate every year. The annual profit can reach nearly 1 billion yuan.

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2.Shanxi 300,000TPY Limestone Grinding Line

This project is located in Shanxi Province, China. The customer is one of old friends of SBM. It has years of experience on desulfurization agent production. As early as 2009, the customer bought grinding mills from SBM to process limestone so as to produce desulfurization agent for power plants. Until 2017, the mills has been used for 8 years. And all data was still stable. In 2017, the customer decided to expand production scale. So in consideration of good performances of SBM's mills and considerate after-sales services, the customer chose SBM again without hesitation.

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3.Shandong 600-700TPH Granite Crushing Line

This project adopts domestic mature technologies and advanced equipment, which ensures that the whole production process is in a good condition. The project uses "3-stage crushing + sand-making" scheme. Compact layout not only saves floor area, but also makes checks and maintenances easy.

Raw materials are granite wastes, so investment costs of materials are quite low and the economic profits improve further. Besides, designing the production line by skillfully using the drop of mine helps reduce use of belt conveyors on the one hand and reduce the operational costs on the other hand. A standard workshop for dust removal is built. All equipment works under fully closed environment, effectively reducing pollution to the environment and totally meeting national standard on environment protection.

Core equipment and design schemes are provided by professional teams. The quality of equipment is reliable and the technical process is smooth. In today's market, this production line not only meets customers' high standards, but also brings considerable profits to customers.

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4.Shandong 250TPH Granite Tailing Crushing Line

The project mainly uses tailings of granite to make sand. There is a subsidy by processing those tailings because it belongs to the solid waste recycling project strongly supported by the government. The completion of the production line not only solves the problem of stacking of tailings, but also creates considerable profits for the company. Its social and economic benefits are relatively high.

Throughout the construction of the whole production line, from the project design, civil construction, on-site installation and commissioning to rapid production, SBM's considerate and comprehensive services received great praise from the customer. Since the project was put into operation, the production line has been running stably. Meanwhile, the output was beyond expectations, so the customer was very satisfied and relieved.

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5.Fujian 350-400TPH Granite Crushing Line

The layout of the production line is reasonable. This project adopts a series of high-output low-consumption devices such as European Hydraulic Jaw Crusher, HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher and S5X Vibrating Screen. Under the precondition of same output, our composition for this project can save at least 200KW per hour compared with other equipment manufacturers'. So, this composition reduces the operational costs.

HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is used to crush materials finely. It uses fully hydraulic adjustments and dilute-oil lubrication. It's operated on the LCD screen, reducing labor force. The laminating crushing principle is helpful to produce better finished products.

6.Inner Mongolia 27TPH Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In terms of actual situations, SBM customized a solution for the customer. Because the raw material was special which may reach 200℃ during operation, the required machine must be strongly heat-resistant. In light of this, SBM adopted better textures on some key parts. Besides, the dust removal equipment was also heat- and erosion-resistant. Since operation, the grinding mills have been stable with the capacity beyond expectations of the customer.

The host's transmission device used the bevel gear to achieve whole transmission, stable and reliable. Dilute oil lubrication devices were applied on the host's main shaft, the fan and bearings of powder selector, making maintenances easier.

The solution was targeted and customized. The layout in the production site was compact and reasonable. The whole technological process was smooth.

The project was equipped with a dust collector, which ensures clean environment around the production site and satisfies China's strict requirements about environment protection, truly combining economic profits with environment benefits.

7.Hebei 30TPH Clean Coal Powder Preparation Line

This project is located in Wuqiang, Hebei. It is a municipal project designed to offer fuel to urban heat-supply boilers. It occupies 20,000m2 but covers heat needs within the range of 3000,000 m2. Through inspections and comparisons, the customer company finally chose to cooperate with SBM by buying two sets of eco-friendly, high-quality and cost-saving LM150A Vertical Grinding Mills. Since operation, this project has been stable with output totally meeting expectations.

Production Being in Optimization

In the first half of 2018, SBM's orders increased obviously. In order to serve customers faster and better and to achieve fast delivery, SBM's production system has also made some changes.

1.The original production and management center was reorganized and adjusted and a new group production management center was established.

2.Related departments were reorganized and a new group procurement center was established.

3.Production resources, public service and functional departments got reorganized and optimized. Besides, in the first half of 2018, SBM's R&D center researched and developed a kind of coarse crusher with large capacity --- HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electric, automatic and intelligent controlling technologies, which grants it with advantages traditional crushing equipment fails to own. HGT Gyratory Crusher can meet various demands for coarse crushing. It represents the advanced technologies SBM has on the development of coarse crushers.

Service Satisfaction Rising

According to the service satisfaction questionnaire, the overall satisfaction of aggregate crushing part was 98.14% while the grinding part was 97.99%. Compared with 2017, the satisfaction in aggregate crushing field increased by 1.7%.

While providing customers with high-quality products, SBM is also making every effort to provide customers with valuable services. Products and services are cores for an enterprise's growth.

Worry-free after-sales service never stops. From product preparation, installation & debugging, training and re-visit to spare part supply, SBM is always practicing the commitment to customers: providing quality-assured products and valuable services to make cooperation simple and reliable.