To Hear the Truest Voice - A Revisit to Zhejiang


Summary: This revisit took 3 days and 2 nights, during which the Shibang Revisit Team visited 8 counties/cities within Zhejiang Province. The aim was to get close to our custo

This revisit took 3 days and 2 nights, during which the Shibang Revisit Team visited 8 counties/cities within Zhejiang Province. The aim was to get close to our customers and to know what's on their minds.

The trip fell on days between the end of May and early June when summer had just began in Zhejiang. But instead of stretches of hot sunny days, intermittent rains seemed to be the theme of the period. The Shibang Revisit Team was nevertheless undaunted. Prior to just another torrential rain, they got ready to revisit some of the company's “old friends” that were scattered across the province.

Customers are always seen by Shibang as friends. That's why the company would take some time every year for a visit to its customers. Whenever it comes, there will be old friends' talks, facility tours, and heart-to-heart exchanges of views.

This revisit took 3 days and 2 nights, during which the Shibang Revisit Team visited 8 counties/cities within Zhejiang Province. The aim was to get close to our customers and to know what's on their minds.


The Team was comprised of four managers from Shibang Sales Management Center and Warranty Center.

Stop 1: Ninghai County, Ningbo City

11:00 AM, Day 1 - The first leg of the journey got the Team to an artificial sand manufacturer situated in Ninghai County, Ningbo City. The customer, who had always been satisfied with the post-sales services provided by Shibang, welcomed the Team wholeheartedly. Earlier that day, it happened that some issue had been encountered with the running of some equipment, and the Team arrived just in time to get the problem fixed. The customer expressed appreciation to both the Team for its timely service and Shibang as a whole for its rapid response to routine requests. And it's the customer's hope to continue working with the company.

Stop 2: Yinzhou District, Ningbo City

Evening, Day 1 - The Team arrived at another artificial sand manufacturer which was located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City. According to the customer, most of the production line equipment available was from Shibang and had always been running well. Having a huge demand for wearing parts, wear-resistant parts, and other parts, such as gear pumps, filter meshes, and filter cartridges used both on impact crushers and cone crushers, the customer wished to buy all these parts from Shibang in order to lower costs.

 Stop 3: Duqiao Town, Linhai City

Morning, Day 2 - At a customer's factory at Duqiao Town, Linhai City, final stage installation of equipment was underway. A tower-like VU Aggregate Optimization System was standing in a production site that was not really spacious. No-load run was going on. The installation work performed by Shibang was highly recognized by the customer. Shibang pledged to continue to deliver quality services and provide technological support in the load run stage when equipment commissioning and operation training were done. The production line would be put into operation early July. “For us, working with Shibang is both worry-free and reassuring,” said the customer.
Stop 4: Changshan County, Quzhou City

Afternoon, Day 2 - The Team arrived at a customer's production site located in Changshan County, Quzhou City. Unlike previous sites, this one was abnormally quiet. According to the customer, the factory - mainly for limestone processing - had desisted production since earlier this year due to dropping demand in market and problematic cash flow. Fortunately, a number of orders had been placed in recent days and the factory was planning to restart operations. In light of this, the Team pledged to offer any help that's need in the process and never let the customer down.

Stop 5: Fuyang County, Hangzhou

Nightfall, Day 2 - Located in Fuyang County, Hangzhou, the production site was featured by two mobile crushers. The customer had used Shibang's equipment for over a year and had been satisfied with the performance of the crushers and the services provided by Shibang. However, pressured by high demand for outputs, the customer hoped that shipment of parts from Shibang could be made faster.

 Stop 6: Lin'an City, Hangzhou

Early Morning, Day 3 - In stark contrast to the murky sky that day was the good mood shown by the Team. This time they arrived at a flat and spacious site for river gravel sand making, which was built alongside a river. The customer said, “We have been working with Shibang for five years and the relationship has been an agreeable one. Five years can change many things but not the care and attention of Shibang for its customers.” Those stirring words made the trip, though tiring, all the more worthwhile.

 Stop 7: Yuhang District, Hangzhou

Afternoon, Day 3 - The final stop was a dry-mixed mortar sand making site situated in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. According to the customer, sands in good grain shapes were popular with the market and sold extremely well. The customer appreciated that Shibang regularly sent its engineers to come for equipment maintenance and that the engineers knew exactly what they were doing. As for services related to parts, the customer expressed satisfaction with the status quo and hoped Shibang could continue with its excellent services and build upon what's already in place.

After that, the trip to Zhejiang drew to a close.

3 days, 4 members and 8 counties/cities, the Team came back loaded with gains.

Here we would like to thank every old friend of Shibang for your candidness, support and inspiration.

Such revisit has not only been made to Zhejiang Province, but to all areas across the country. In terms of pursuing excellent customer services, Shibang is always On the Way.