SBM invited to attend the Forum of China-Nigeria's Capacity & Investment Cooperation


Summary: At the invitation of Chinese President Xi jinping, Nigeria's President Buhari pay a visit to China on 11 to 15, and this is the first time since Buhari was in power.

At the invitation of Chinese President Xi jinping, Nigeria's President Buhari pay a visit to China on 11 to 15, and this is the first time since Buhari was in power. The Forum of China-Nigeria's Capacity & Investment Cooperation, as one of the Buhari's important trip to China, which also attracted the attention of all circles. On this forum, SBM was very honored to attend it as one of the investment model in the developing of Nigeria.

Nigerian President called on enterprises to strengthen cooperation between china and nigeria
Warmly welcome Chinese companies invest in Nigeria, Buhari said, Nigeria will always support the Chinese investors, provide tax preferential policy, strengthen government services and provide effective legal protection. Since Buhari came to power, especially attaches great importance to the transformation of economic diversification, introduction of advanced industrial technology actively, the development of agriculture, industrial and mining, etc. In these aspects, the space of our cooperation is very vast.

In the left tree is president bukhari of nigeria

Mr. Fang Libo, vice general manager Mr Fang Libo of Shibang Machinery Co., as a representative of the Chinese enterprises to attend this forum, said Chiese enterprises have technology, management and talent advantage and experience, and have the sincerity to help Nigeria, meanwhile for Nigeria, they provided a favourable space of development to Chinese enterprises, the deeper cooperation is good for our enterprise.

Open cooperation opportunities in infrastructure and mining

For bilateral cooperation between the two countries, Nigerian President Al Bukhari had in interviews with the media pointed out that although Nigeria is Africa's biggest economy, there is great gap of infrastructure construction.

Therefore, in the future, both sides can strengthen cooperation in investment in power, hydropower station and railway infrastructure construction.

"In these areas, China has the power to help us. In the mining sector, many Chinese companies have set foot in the Northern provinces; the economic cooperation between the two countries has many opportunities.” Buhari said.

In the middle is Mr. Fang Libo, deputy general manager of SBM


It is understood that Nigeria has already become an important exporter of China construction machinery and mining machinery products. However, due to the lack of on-site management philosophy, mineral processing technology and technical management, mining development is severely constrained.
Therefore in this forum, representatives from SBM and the Nigerian companies signed project cooperation documents, where China provide help on technology, management and personnel training, which will further expand deep cooperation in equipment manufacturing, mining, electricity and other fields.
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Just as President Al Bukhari said, SBM company has cooperated with nigeria for long time “

In recent years, the SBM machinery company already have supplied professional technical solutions and set of mineral, stone processing equipment for construction, energy and other key infrastructure construction projects in various countries, SBM also take the highest market share in Nigerian market.
After signed with Nigeria,“We will provide other advanced mine management experience and professional training support to help Nigeria build infrastructure and mining development. "The Vice President Mr. Fang Libo of SBM representation.
China and Nigeria are friendly countries with long friendship, Nigeria is an important strategic partner of China in Africa
President Bukhari's visit coincides with the 45th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations in Nigeria.
Within this 45 years, leader of both two countries cooperating with a high frequency , and made fruitful pragmatic cooperation. SBM machinery will fully use two domestic energy cooperation mechanism, actively practice the two sides co-production projects to promote china-African mutual benefit.