Responsible, Faithful, Efficient Building the Home for Advanced Employees in SBM


Summary: Recently, Shanghai SBM (production base in Zhuqiao) jaw crusher assembly team wins the honorary title of “Civilized Team” in Pudong New Area; and Director

Recently, Shanghai SBM (production base in Zhuqiao) jaw crusher assembly team wins the honorary title of Civilized Team in Pudong New Area; and Director, Li in SBM financial center is awarded as civilized employee. As the leading company in fields of mine crushing and industrial grinding, Shanghai SBM has a development history of almost 30 years. The company has attached great importance to technical innovation, corporate culture and talent development for employees to find sense of belonging and responsibility for the company.

High-efficient and civilized team

This is a stable, productive, high efficient and civilized team. They cooperate with absolute sincerity, work actively, help each other, and get along with each other harmoniously and stably. They can start from the goal of getting good results from the perspective of mutual understanding, in order to have effective communication and cooperation. They set up good examples, and play an exemplary role, because they are willing and ready to fulfill their responsibilities, and undertake important missions. They deserve the title of “Civilized Team” in Pudong New Area.


A responsible and civilized employee

Director Li in SBM financial center, since she joined the company, she has been awarded as excellent manager for continuous four years. In the eyes of colleagues, she is a typical professional manager, who knows business, is good at management, has high sense of responsibility and mission, and appreciates her jobs. In the eyes of her superiors, she is a manager, who dares to make contributions, is brave in persistence, willing to fulfill her responsibilities, and is also a resourceful partner. She builds a scientific, perfect and feasible financial system, based on practical situation of the company, and promotes comprehensive budget management in the company. She suggests and promotes transformation and upgrading of financial system, and interprets the true meaning of eventual success after persistence.



A responsible and credible company is certainly held up and supported by a group of responsible and credible employees. The civilized team in Zhuqiao production base and every civilized employee with silent pays work together to build the home for advanced employees in SBM. Solid footstones are the reason why the building stands up for hundreds of years. Similarly, every SBM employee as such kind of footstone, is proudly marching into the common goal of 100-year company.