The 7th China International Aggregate Conference Was Held in Wuhan on December 12.


Summary: December 12, 2020, the 7th China International Aggregate Conference hosted by China Aggregates Association was held in Wuhan, China, SBM was invited to attend

December 12, 2020, the 7th China International Aggregate Conference hosted by China Aggregates Association was held in Wuhan, China, SBM was invited to attend this meeting. As a city deeply hurt by COVID-19, this important conference was held in Wuhan to promote the great anti-epidemic spirit, vigorously promoting the development of aggregates industries in Wuhan Province.



Association President Hu Youyi

During the meeting, Mr. Feng Lei, Marketing Director of SBM, made an important report on "Equipment Technology and Model Upgrade under the Concept of High Quality Development" on the status of Chinese aggregates industry and crushing equipment. He introduced SBM's new generation of high-end crushing equipment, and combined several large-scale classic projects to deeply analyze the development and application of SBM six concepts in the new era of green aggregates.


Mr. Feng Lei

As a pioneer in Chinese mining equipment industry, SBM has always been committed to improve both R&D strength and production strength.

After years of development, SBM has built its own complete mining equipment manufacturing system, which can not only provide high-end equipment needed by aggregates industry, but also provide intelligent production solutions with intelligent control, centralized control, remote operation, and system management, which can help aggregates industry achieve transformation and upgrading.

In terms of process concepts, SBM has continuously made innovations and upgrades, and proposed six design concepts of 'green, safe, modular, industrial, intelligent and quality' in view of the current situation of aggregates industry. With this advanced concept as a guide, SBM has developed a set of high-quality aggregates production solutions that integrates efficiency, intelligence, and environmental protection, and has been successfully applied to multiple aggregates projects.

Under the general trend of high-quality development of aggregates industry, SBM's six design concepts undoubtedly conform to the current development direction.

Innovate constantly with originality, shine others with strength.

Finally, Mr. Feng said that SBM's achievements today are inseparable from the supports of all parties. In the future, we will never forget where we come from with an open attitude, conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation with every friend all around the world. His wonderful speech was highly praised and affirmed by the participants in audience.

SBM won the honorary title of 'AAA Credit Enterprise' in 2020


Each honor is not only an affirmation of SBM's unremitting efforts to promote the optimization and upgrading of aggregates industry, but a driving force for our continuous development. As a participant and witness of the conference, SBM will continue to contribute new technologies and new equipment in the future, helping Chinses aggregates industry realize intelligent transformation and sustainable development.