Industrial application

Carbon black is mainly used as the rubber intensifier in auto tire manufacturing. It has other usages as pigments (for printing ink, plastic and painting), conductive agent of dry battery, catalyst carrier and super hard alloy material. Around 70% of the carbon black in the whole world is used to manufacture tire and 20% is used in other rubbers and less than 10% is used as plastic additives, pigments and printing ink etc.

Production process

1. The obsolete tire (tire pieces) is sent into the pyrocrack furnace. Fuel is added into the combustion chamber for burning and pyrolysis occurs inside the furnace.

2. The first pyrolysis product: oil fume. Along pipes, it enters into the oil condenser and is cooled and liquefied to be finished oil product which is then collected into the oil tank. Small part of the oil fume is discharged into the air.

3. The second pyrolysis product: pyrolysis carbon black and small part of impurities. Water spraying for extinguishing is conducted.

4. After manual sorting and magnetic separation, most steel wires are removed.

5. Based on the hydrophobic property of the carbon black, hot water extraction process is conducted to remove ash content and small amount of thin steel wires to increase the carbon black purity.

6. Water and oil is removed by drying.

7. The carbon black is then delivered to the mill for milling and powder collecting. Roller mill or superfine mill is used based on different fineness of the product.

8. Prilling or packing directly is conducted.

Production Line Features

Since the carbSince the carbon black is black and has too much pollution, the pulse dust collection is necessary. Considering the specific gravity of the carbon black is low, ultrafine powder collection is difficult and the yield is low, SBM gave a modified scheme as follows:

1. Off-line pulse dust collector is recommended.

2. Air speed shall be reduced.

3. Filter-bag material: filmed punched felt material (suitable for light material which is difficult to be attached to the filter bag surface and easy to fall).

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