Project Background

Industrial background

The surface modification of mineral powder is the result of the development of modern technology and new material and it is widely used in various industries such as non-metal mineral filler and pigments like high molecular materials including plastics, rubber and adhesives etc., high polymer matrix composites, functional and coating materials and so on.

Heavy and light calcium carbonate, various kaolin, talcum, grammite, quartz powder, mica, white carbon black, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium hydroxide, barium sulfate, glimmerton, pyrophyllite and tremolite etc. have good effect of surface modification.

Application performance

1. The viscosity of the filled polymer system is decreased obviously and the filling content is increased.

2. The product surface luster is improved and dimensional stability is increased.

3. The mechanical properties of finished product such as tensile strength, impact strength, flexibility and yield are enhanced.

Design Scheme

Material: Calcium carbonate
Input Size: <20mm
Output Size: 800 mesh, 1250mesh
Capacity: 8-12TPH
Special Requirement: Powder modification
Application: Producing PVC pipes, plastics, paint, high-end paper

Our solution

Production configuration: 4 SCM1000 Superfine Mills & 2 sets of SLG600 Modifier. Modification agent is stearic acid.

On-site photos