120,000TPY Light Calcined Magnesia Grinding Plant


The grinding plant is located in Tibetan Plateau, which has long been known as the roof of the world.


Project Profile

Raw Material:Light Calcined Magnesia

Capacity:120,000 TPY

Output Size: D90<12μm;D50<5μm

Application: Used to produce refractory material (High purity magnesium powder)

Equipment:8 sets of SCM Ultrafine Mill

Main Difficulties

1. The chemical properties of raw material are instable

The chemical properties of Light Calcined Magnesia are instable. During the grinding process, it is easy to absorb moisture from the air and then stick to the equipment, causing a series of problems such as blockage and production reduction. That’s to say ——It is more difficult to process than other materials.

2. The construction environment is worse

The project is located in Tibetan Plateau whose altitude is between 1.8 and 2 thousand meters, this means thin air and weak winds. In order to ensure stable operation, it has high demands for fan performance.

3. Limited construction space

The design of this project is based on existing plant. It is necessary to consider both the design of the plant process and the performance of equipment. Compared to open design scheme, there is more constraints for the project, upgrading the design difficulty.

4. High production requirements

The customer has high requirements for building plant. They are concerned about costs and return on investment, and hope to save costs as much as possible while improving efficiency.

After many investigations, SBM's engineers provide a good solution which is satisfied by customer.

Solutions for the project

1. Equipping with high quality device to meet processing needs

For the nature of light calcined magnesia, we have carried out professional treatment and optimization design on equipment. The pipes are sprayed with special materials, and the use of circulating air system can reduce the viscosity of materials. In addition, the use of dust cleaning device can reduce the blockage of mill.

2. Choosing proper auxiliary equipment to get rid of plateau constraints

For plateau conditions such as thin air, we equip the plant with well-known fan to improve the operation stability, which can effectively avoid the adverse effects of plateau environment.

3. Hierarchical layout to solve the site limitation

After many demonstrations, we finally adopted hierarchical layout design of tower according to actual situation, which perfectly satisfied the site planning needs of customer.

4. Automatic operation helps reduce cost and increase efficiency

The plant adopts centralized control system. The whole operation processes can be clearly grasped and labor costs are saved. This greatly improves efficiency and saves costs.

5. Whole period services to solve customer's worries

The project adopts SBM's EPC package scheme, we help to carry out project operation throughout the whole process, including plan design, construction, personnel training, after-sales service... ensuring the stability of production.