5TPH Electrolyte Block Grinding Plant

A large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprise in Qinghai, China wanted to deal with the aluminum electrolyte blocks. After investigations and inspections, they chose to cooperate with SBM. It was a new and meaningful exploration for SBM to stretch into the electrolytic aluminum field. Meanwhile, it was a brand-new application of the MTW110 European Trapezium Grinding Mill. Currently, this project is carried out successfully. Our impeccable technologies and considerate services are highly praised by the customer company.


Project Background

A large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprise in Qinghai saved a large number of electrolyte blocks from the surface of the residual electrode in the aluminum electrolyte cleaning and grinding process. Because the existing grinding equipment failed to grind and produce qualified electrolytic powders, the accumulated electrolytic blocks cannot be used in normal production tank, resulting in more and more electrolyte blocks and occupation of a large amount of company production funds. Hence, the customer company hopes to grind the accumulated electrolyte blocks by adding new grinding equipment. According to the requirements, the fineness of finished products after grinding shall keep at 80-150 mesh. Then, the finished product, through the electrolytic cell’s feeding system enters the electrolytic cell to be recycled.

Design Scheme

Material: Electrolyte block

Output Size: 80-150 mesh (Adjustable according to specific requirements)

Capacity: ≥5TPH

Equipment: MTW110 European Trapezium Grinding Mill


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