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Granite Crushing Plant Scheme

Daily Operation: 10h
Oil Consumption: 1950L per day
Capacity: 180TPH (The yielding is expected to reach 648,000 tons)
Labor Force: 26 workers
Profits: 1500 Naira can be earned by processing a ton of granite.

Project Background

Because of lack of spare parts and unskilled operation, the production lines are often halted in Africa. To solve how to put production line into operation quickly and keep stable operation, SBM launched the new aggregate production scheme --- lighting mode which can help customers get investments back quickly and make profits. The customer is from Nigeria and bought a standard 750*1060 production line for processing of granite. The installation period was around 5 months.

Design of Granite Crushing Plant

Based on years of experience of cooperation with African customers, SBM customized 4 schemes to meet different demands on capacity.

80-120TPH Production Line
Model of Machine ZSW380*96 PE600*900 CSB160 2YA1860
Quantity (set) 1 1 1 2
Power (KW) 11 75 185 18.5
120-150TPH Production Line
Model of Machine ZSW420*110 PE750*1060 CSB160 CSB75 2YA2160
Quantity (set) 1 1 1 1 2
Power (KW) 15 90 185 75 22
150-200TPH Production Line
Model of Machine ZSW420*110 PEW760 CSB160 CSD160 2YA2160
Quantity (set) 1 1 1 1 2
Power (KW) 15 10 185 160 22
200-250TPH Production Line
Model of Machine ZSW490*130 PE900*1200 CSB240 CSB160 2YA2160
Quantity (set) 1 1 1 1 3
Power (KW) 22 110 240 185 22

Project Advantages

  1. 1. The configuration is reasonable and scientific. The modular design and the optimization layout of electric controlling equipment reduce the costs of cable; the highly automatic central control system reduces costs of human force; the whole optimized design cuts the downtime for maintenance.

  2. 2. Harmonious operation among machines. The machines at different stages work coordinately, which maximizes the output of production line.

  3. 3. High-quality machines are durable. Strong strength of manufacturing guarantees the quality of products. The use of carefully selected materials in key parts makes them anti-abrasive and extends their life expectancy.

  4. 4. The lighting mode used in this project ensures quick supply of machines and quick installation so that the customer can get investment costs back in a short time.