Saudi Arabia 150-200TPH Granite Portable Crushing Plant

Project Background

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s futuristic giga city, with total planned area of 26,500 km2, is massive and avant-garde in concept, sparked global excitement with the revelation of several new destinations.

NEOM is a joint venture between China's Belt and Road Initiative and Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030". SBM, as a leading manufacturer of crushing and grinding equipment, is committed to making our contribution to both initiatives.

NEOM project has three major general contractors, and SAJCO is one of them. The company has a strong partnership with SBM and has previously collaborated on a crushing line that has a production capacity of 300 tons per hour. This time, the collaboration with SBM was established through a subcontractor affiliated with SAJCO. In February 2023, SBM and the subcontractor reached a cooperation agreement on one of the port projects on the Red Sea Coast of NEOM Future City (the Dhuba Red Sea New Port Project). The client purchased 2 units of NK75J portable crusher plant and the project was put into operation in May 2023.

Saudi Arabia 150-200TPH Granite Portable Crushing Plant
Saudi Arabia 150-200TPH Granite Portable Crushing Plant
50-200TPH Granite Portable Crushing Plant

Design Scheme


Input Size: 0-600mm

Output Size:0-40mm

Capacity: 150-200T/H

Equipment: NK75J Portable Crusher Plant (2 units)

Application: For port construction in NEOM

Product advantages

1.Modular Design
Employing a comprehensive modular design, NK Portable Crusher Plant allows for convenient interchangeability of various components. Swift assembly of different models minimizes production time, effectively addressing users' demands for prompt delivery.

2.Concrete-Free Foundation Installation
The concrete-free foundation design achieve direct installation on solid surfaces, enabling rapid access to operational mode without the necessity for extensive groundwork or foundation installation.

3.High-performance Equipment
Equipped with high-quality crushers, NK Portable Crusher Plant can keep running much more stably and reach a higher capacity. Besides, it can also enhances the quality of end products, making them totally meet the requirements for port construction in NEOM.

This project is another classic case of SBM supporting the Belt and Road Initiative. In the future, SBM will continue to actively promote the international understanding, acceptance, widespread adoption, and high recognition of Chinese standards, technology, experience, and equipment.