1500TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Project Profile

The customer company is engaged in green building materials. It plans to build an environmental industrial park with local characteristics to produce high-quality sand & gravel, concrete, dry-mixed mortar and PC prefabricated parts by recycling piling mine gangues and wastes.

This project adopts SBM's EPC service. The project can recycle 7.2 million tons of granite wastes and gangues and produce 3.6 million tons of high-quality aggregate every year. The annual profit can reach nearly 1 billion yuan.

Project Background

This customer cooperated with a company on "high-quality machine-made sand + concrete mixing plant" project and "high-quality machine-made sand + concrete mixing plant + dry-mixed mortar" project in 2014 and 2015. Unfortunately, machines always went out of control during operation. Frequent maintenances was puzzling the customer.

At the beginning of this year, the customer decided to transform and upgrade the two projects thoroughly. Hearing this piece of news, SBM actively offer two transformation schemes to the customer. And compared with solutions given by the other company, SBM's schemes can help customer save over 1 million yuan and the construction period can be put on schedule at least 1 month in advance. Therefore, after multiple investigations and comprehensive consideration, the customer finally decided to cooperate with us by ordering a HPT300 cone crusher firstly to upgrade the "high-quality machine-made sand + concrete mixing plant" project. Because of this pleasant cooperation, later, SBM won favor from the customer easily on the 1500TPH granite crushing project.

On high-quality aggregate production, SBM is experienced. SBM has signed several gorgeous EPC projects such as Zhoushan tuff crushing project and Longyou project. So when knowing that this customer planned a project in Henan, China, we were longing for the cooperation. We wanted to add another case on our EPC archives and we had confidence to win trust from the customer. At the end of last year, SBM's engineers, after various analyses and researches, brought design schemes to the production site. The customer was satisfied with our quick response and showed interests in our project schemes. Accepting our invitation, the customer visited our headquarters and paid a site inspection to our Zhoushan's EPC project.

After inspection, our engineers offered the customer overall planning aerial view pictures within a week. And then we reported this project to government before Spring Festival and got the approval quickly. In a word, our quick response helped accelerate the whole project process.

In April of this year, the customer invited some specialists from hydropower and cement industry to discuss and judge design schemes offered by all companies. Through analyses of investment costs, construction period and product performances, specialists finally gave votes to SBM's designs. So the customer eventually decided to cooperate with us. To ensure success, the customer specially established an "Intelligent Manufacturing Department" and designated SBM's staffs to take related roles to help solve problems about technologies, installation and coordination.

Basic Introduction

1 Design Scheme

Material: Granite (Plate waste)

Input Size: 0-1000mm

Capacity: 1500TPH (at pretreatment stage); 750TPH (at final stage)

Output Size: 0-2.5-5-10-20-31.5mm

Equipment: Jaw Crusher, Vibrating Feeder, Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher (Sand Making Machine), Vibrating Screen, Powder Collector, Dust Remover, Product Storage System

2 Production Process

As for this project, materials are blocky granites which have high hardness, high compressive strength and big abrasion. To process granites, SBM recommends vibrating feeders and soil removal screens to remove soil firstly. Next, jaw crushers are used to primarily break materials. The broken materials are then sent to single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers to be crushed further. To get finer particles, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are, as fine crushing machines, applied. Finally, the plane-typed sand-making system is used to produce high-quality sand.

Project Influence

The project was expected to produce 3.6 million tons of high-quality aggregate annually. The finished aggregate would be supplied to produce light wall plate, PC prefabricated parts, dry-mixed mortar and other high value-added products. Meanwhile, the recycled fine powders and sorted residues would be used in the production of artificial stone and water stabilizer of road backfill.

This project can drastically remit the headache about granite waste disposal in local because of the comprehensive use of output materials. Meanwhile, 1.2 km² of forestry and agricultural acreage is expected to be recovered every year after this project is established. Besides, raw materials are granite plate wastes, which avoids getting materials by exploding mines. So, environment is protected well. What's better, this project offers over 300 heads wonderful jobs.

This project, on the whole, satisfies China's advocacy on development of "Circular Economy and Sustainable Society". It plays an important role in promoting "Blue Sky Action Plan" of Henan Province, China. It is totally a model deserving to be followed by other enterprises.