Project Background

In the second half of 2016, an aggregate production company , chose to cooperate with SBM by investing a special granite crushing production line. The project is located in a governmental planned industrial park so the requirement on environment protection is quite strict. The customer requires the production line must be pollution-free, noise-free and dust-free. So, finally, after comprehensive investigations and analyses, he chose SBM.

Project Profile

This project is one of representative EPC projects of SBM. During 6 months' construction, SBM staffs always hold the principle of “Service First” and continuously improve working efficiency to maximize the customer's profits.

As for this cooperation, what touches our customer most is the proficient environmental technology and strong production team. The finished product would be supplied for construction of high speed railway, which puts a strict demand on the quality. The design scheme is environmental and energy-saving with the sewage treatment system covering the whole production process. Reasonable project design and efficient production not only increase the rate of return on investment, but also reveals the profession of SBM on EPC projects.

Design Scheme

The production line is divided into two parts. The first part is primary crushing system located in granite quarry. After being crushed primarily, granite is then sent into fine crushing and screening system, the second part in industrial park. At the industrial park, there is a large transit stock pile of broken material. Then the material at the stock pile enters two-stage cone crusher for further crushing. Next, impact crusher works to adjust the shape of material. The finished machine-made sand is processed by wet process. Finally, the sand washer and sewage treatment system are used to ensure good granularity and no emission of sewage.

Basic Introduction

Material: Granite

Capacity: 500TPH

Finished Product: High-quality aggregate

Max. Input Size: 450*450*450mm

Output Size: 0-5-10-20-33-65mm

Equipment: HST Series Single Cylinder Cone Crusher, C6X Jaw Crusher, F5X Vibrating Feeder and VSI6X Impact Crusher

Project Advantages

1.Zero Pollution--- Clean and Eco-friendly

For project design, we adopt fully closed structure which gets rid of air pollution. Besides, the production line is equipped with sound insulation workshop and sewage disposal system which effectively reduce noise and water pollution. The whole production line adopts wet process so the possible damage brought by flying dust is avoided.

2.Sectional Design

Sectional design can use material directly without transportation and meets the customer's demand for aggregate production at the industrial park. The design helps the company be honored with benchmarking enterprises by the local government so as to deepen the company influence.

3.Compact But Reasonable Layout

The project is close to the national highway on the north. Because there is a requirement that the project plant must be 20 meters at least away from the highway, SBM technicians specially adopts the modular design with main machines placed intensively. The layout is compact but reasonable because our staffs leave enough safe channel and maintenance space for every facility when designing the layout.

4.High-quality Finished Product

The core equipment and solutions are offered by SBM. So there is no point worrying whether the equipment quality is reliable and whether the technological process is smooth. Currently, the prices of aggregates are soaring. This production line offered by SBM can not only meet all of high standards, but also bring considerable profits to the customer. Compared with traditional contracting modes, SBM's EPC service has unparalleled advantages. Not all peers have the strength to push out such a kind of service.

As an outstanding machine manufacturer, SBM always hold the service attitude of “Quick Response, Efficient Communication”. For this project, we closely traced every step to keep the safe and ordered operation. The finished product boasts high quality, excellent granularity and high added value. In future development, we will make every effort to offer more customers more efficient, more environmental and more comprehensive EPC services.