Jiangsu 300,000TPY Limestone Chip Crushing Plant

Having its own concrete mixing plant, this construction material company has ever cooperated with SBM on a dry-process sand-making project of mixing plant. To broaden its businesses and adapt market changes in the construction material industry, the customer chose to cooperate with SBM again by buying a complete set of dry-free JMGH60 dry-mixed mortar equipment.
Daily operation: 15h

Material: limestone chips (5-10mm)

Final Product: ordinary dry-mixed mortar, masonry mortar, plastering mortar and ground mortar

On-site Photo


Customer Feedback

Taking redundant limestone chips as raw materials, we bought the high-efficiency sand-making machine from SBM to produce dry-free machine-made sand and dry-mixed mortar, which avoided the drying costs brought by burning coal in comparison to other peers. Besides, in the process of ordinary mixed mortar preparation, the use volume of cement was reduced so the production of one ton of mixed mortar could save more than 30 yuan. The design of production system was reasonable and the operation was stable. The second cooperation with SBM was very successful. Person in charge of a construction material company

Production Process