India 30TPH Limestone Grinding Plant

Project Profile

“After cooperating with SBM, we found that Chinese machines are not worse than those of developed countries,” said the customer from TATA Steel. Actually, this is the second cooperation after the last one on the desulfurization project.

TATA Steel has hundreds of years of experience on steel industry. This time, the company bought 3 sets of MTW138 European Mills from SBM to grind limestone to produce desulfurization powder.


Basic Introduction

Material: Limestone(0-12mm) (CaO > 81.6%,humidity < 0.1%H2O)

Output Size: 74μm (200mesh) D90

Equipment: 3 sets of MTW138 European Mill

Application: The finished product will be used for power plant desulfurization

Difficulty of Project

1. Short project period

The customer is the leading steel corporation in India and one of TOP 10 steel companies over the world. They raised strict demands on whole process of project including the investigation, supervision, construction and service. Meanwhile the project period was quite short.

2. Unsupported weather

The production line is located in the West Bengal. The construction of production line encountered the rainy season. Terrible weather condition challenged the construction.

3. High tower-like structure

For grinding system, the capability of conveying is another key factor influencing yielding and operation apart from the ability of grinding and powder selection. To make materials enter to the storage tank easier, the project took the tower-like structure whose vertical distance is around 25 meters. The long-distance transportation can be achieved only by excellent fan and conveying system.

4. EPC project---difficulty of resource coordination

It was a big challenge for us to finish such a large-scale EPC project in India. So how to coordinate the resources at each stage of the project is a challenge, too. We must finish the coordination of resources during civil engineering, steel framework, installation, commissioning and final acceptance.

Design Scheme

Considering all kinds of demands of customer, SBM took the tower-like structure. It was 25 meters high. 3 sets of machines were installed in parallel. The capacity was 30TPH. The whole technological process was simple. The highly automatic system was operated under negative pressure. No dust spilling was good for environment. Besides, the chemical component of finished product was stable. The granularity was reasonable and the fineness was adjustable. The finished product can be used in Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) totally.

1. Strict supervision on each stage

We respected all strict standards set by our customer. From initial inquiry, factory visit, business negotiation to product check, installation and commissioning, we coordinated with the customer and finished the project by meeting all standards. Facing rainy days, we set the water-proof facility to continue the project construction day and night. We made full use of every minute and finished the project in a short time finally.

2. Optimization and upgrading of equipment

To keep conveying capability, we recalculated the volume and pressure of wind and decided to use stronger fan. Meanwhile, we upgraded the tube, dust collecting system and pressure system to lift the efficiency.

3. Coordination of local resources

Based on previous experience on foreign large EPC projects, we coordinated professionals to build a team to finish the tasks about equipment, electricity, steel framework and civil engineering. Meanwhile, a project management group was established to supervise the progress of the whole project. By coordinating the local resources, the communication was promoted on both technologies and affection.

Customer Feedback

1. We have ever bought machines from Germany, America and India. This cooperation impressed us a lot. After cooperating with SBM, we found that Chinese machines are not worse than those of developed countries.

2. From the quick response of initial inquiry to later sales service, SBM always considered for us whole-heartedly. During the installation of equipment, the engineers and the staff in India overseas office stayed at our production line for instruction. Their serious attitude moved us a lot.

3. The most important thing was that the power plants expressed satisfaction to our desulfurization agent. The fineness was controlled well. The controlling system taking international standards made our operation easier. Currently, we are negotiating other grinding projects and hope we can enter business relationship with SBM again.