27TPH Organic Fertilizer Production Plant


Gansu, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui…south to north, west to east, SBM’s grinding mills have been distributed over the whole China. India, Australia, Paraguay, America, Kenya, Greece…SBM’s grinding mills have been exported to many countries and regions around the world. Each grinding mill sold is helping our customers create profits and show how it is about the quality of our machines. This time, SBM’s grinding mills came to Inner Mongolia to give momentum to the world’s largest glutamic acid enterprise.


Project Background

The customer company is mainly engaged to produce MSG, chicken essence seasoning, glucose, corn oil, xanthan gum, organic fertilizer, etc. The cooperation with SBM this time aimed to produce organic fertilizer. Before this cooperation, the customer had been using grinding mills from a SBM’s competitor. However, after a 3-month use, both the capacity and the equipment quality disappointed the customer. Even, because of over-high temperature, a finished product bag self-ignited once. This dissatisfactory cooperation made the customer extraordinarily cautious when choosing another cooperative partner. Through various investigations and consultations, finally, the customer chose SBM by purchasing 3 sets of MTW175 European Trapezium Grinding Mills for production of organic fertilizer. Till now, the production line has been put into operation for 3 months. During this period, the equipment has been stable, and the capacity totally met requirements.

Design Scheme

Material: Fertilizer

Input Size: Below 10mm

Output Size: 200 mesh D83

Finished Product: Organic fertilizer

Capacity: 15TPH (cold fertilizer); 12TPH (hot fertilizer)

Equipment: 3 sets of MTW175 European Trapezium Grinding Mills

Project Advantages

1. In terms of actual situations, SBM customized a solution for the customer. Because the raw material was special which may reach 200℃ during operation, the required machine must be strongly heat-resistant. In light of this, SBM adopted better textures on some key parts. Besides, the dust removal equipment was also heat- and erosion-resistant. Since operation, the grinding mills have been stable with the capacity beyond expectations of the customer.

2. The host’s transmission device used the bevel gear to achieve whole transmission, stable and reliable. Dilute oil lubrication devices were applied on the host’s main shaft, the fan and bearings of powder selector, making maintenances easier.

3. The solution was targeted and customized. The layout in the production site was compact and reasonable. The whole technological process was smooth.

4. The project was equipped with a dust collector, which ensures clean environment around the production site and satisfies China’s strict requirements about environment protection, truly combining economic profits with environment benefits.


“The MTW175 Grinding Mills boast excellent transmission efficiency and adopts full thin oil lubrication which makes maintenances easier. Besides, this project occupies small area and its investment costs are low. In a word, I am fully satisfied”, said the customer. (Note: The customer is a subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Fufeng Group: Inner Mongolia Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.)