20TPH Coal Grinding Plant


This is an activated carbon manufacturing plant with an annual output of 100,000 tons.Inview of factors like environmental protection, automation degree and equipment maintenance, the customer decided to buy the vertical mill to prepare activated carbon. They finally chose SBM after inspections and comparisonsamong multiple manufacturers.


Project Profile

Raw Material:Coal, semi-coke,bituminous mixture

Capacity: ≥20TPH

Input Size: ≤20mm

Output Size: 200 mesh 90D

Equipment: LM Vertical Grinding Mill, enclosed feeder, electric control cabinet


1.LM Vertical Mill's noise is below 85 db. The whole system works under negative pressure without dust flying. The finished product is collected by the professional pulverized coal collector with a collection rate of 99.9% and exhaust emission of less than 10mg, fully meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

2.The output of a single machine is optional at 6-30 tons an hour.

3.The grinding roller of LM Vertical Mill is made of high-quality materials and it doesn’t contact with millstone when working (the normal replacement cycle of grinding rollerand millstone is over 7200 hours).

4.Users can easily and quickly replace lining and liningplate, which can greatly reduce the frequency of downtime.

5.LM has high grinding efficiency by adopting scientific principle. The equipment can be adjustedcontinuously and steadily with mild vibration, which can ensure reliable output of finished product.

6.The equipment adopts the central control system, automatic oil and hydraulic system, so it has the functions including automatictemperature monitoring and fault alarm.