20TPH Desulfurization Line of Power Plant


The customer is a localwell-known private enterprise who has a lime kilnand a calcium hydroxide plant. It has engaged in the lime industry for ten years and has been developing continuously. In order to enlarge the production scale, they chose SBM after inspections and comparisons.


Project Profile

Raw Material: Limestone


Input Size: ≤35mm

Output Size: 325 mesh

Application: power plant desulfurization

Equipment: MTW175Z grinding mill*2, belt feeder,energy-efficient fan,pulse dust remover


1.The equipment possesses compact structure without reduction gear. High-pressure spring can improve the rolling force of the grinding roller on material, which can improve the applicability of the mill to material with higher hardness.

2.The equipment adopts curved shovel which can direct the material to the facade and make the upper, middle and lower part of the roller and ringwork. The effective grinding area is enlarged to increase the output. With the use of isolation cyclone, the diameter of cyclone can be increased to improve the efficiency andthe accuracy of powder selection.

3.The mill has built-in oil pump which adopts oil lubrication. With the function of automatic oil supply, it can reduce transmission resistance effectively (power saving at least 1-2kw a ton).

4.Users can replace the roller shell so that the roller core can be reused, which can reduce 40% of the use cost on wear-resistant parts.

5.The equipment adopts wear-resistant plate which can protect roller chamber from material impact so that it can greatly reduce the failure rate. Three drive systems adopt oil lubrication which can reduce friction and wear and power consumption, greatly extending the service life of the equipment.