Cement & Mine Tailings Sand-making Project

The project is the company's sand-making project using cement & mine tailings as the raw materials. Treated as the waste ore, the original 0-15mm stone chips were processed into the machine-made building sand with high quality after purchasing a set of VU-120 aggregate optimization system in our company. Fineness modulus can be adjusted between 2.1-3.2mm. It can not only turn waste into wealth, but also bring an increase of more than 10 million yuan per year.
Daily operation: 12 hours; Material: tailings debris; Final product size: 0-5mm fine mechanism sand.

On-site Photo


Customer Feedback


We intended to discard 0-15mm's stone chips as tailings since dealing with these tailings always cost a lot of money every year. Now processing tailings into the mechanism sand is like turning stone into gold and changing original garbage into treasure. It brings us profits. Just as the saying goes, kill two birds with one stone. Mr Liu, Company Manager

Production Process