Summary:The rapid development of the social economy has led to an increasing demand for sand and gravel, which undoubtedly led to an increase in the number of productio

The rapid development of the social economy has led to an increasing demand for sand and gravel, which undoubtedly led to an increase in the number of production lines, as well as an increase in configuration and rationality. The role of the inertia cone crusher in the production line has made it possible for many crushing equipment. Unique in the middle. For the production line, it is not a single crushing equipment. It is necessary to have a variety of equipment combinations. The inertia crusher has become the perfect partner in the production line and is basically an indispensable equipment. Today, environmental protection and energy conservation has become the mainstream of the times. The principle of inertial cone crusher is to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency as the production target. The manufacturers of inertial crushers keep up with the pace of the times, and through continuous improvement, our equipment is finally formed into the sand and gravel production line. "Focus".

For the inertia crusher, its development speed is obvious to all. In the Chinese market, the inertia crusher is one of the most indispensable equipments in the mining industry. Because the cone inertia crusher can handle relatively large materials, it can resist pressure. The strength is also relatively large. This type of crusher is basically applicable in various fields, so it is widely used in mining. It is necessary to understand the structural characteristics of the inertia cone crusher and the principle of the cone inertia crusher.


The first is the development of the cone crusher from the structural characteristics of the inertia cone crusher. At present, for the production of crusher, due to the continuous advancement of technology, the structural characteristics of the inertia cone crusher are becoming more and more obvious, and the classification of the inertia crusher is becoming more and more fine. SKH series hydraulic cone crusher, PY series spring cone crusher, CS series cone crusher, composite cone crusher, spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, GPY series high energy hydraulic cone crusher, PYG multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, Each type of DG single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has its own characteristics, and the cone has broken its huge advantage to become one of the more promising ones.

In particular, the principle of the cone-shaped inertia crusher allows us to see the continuous expansion of its application fields. The use of the cone-shaped inertia breaker is also expanding. In addition to the mining mentioned above, in cement production, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry. And so on, the industrial sector has a lot of uses. In the future market, with the further improvement of the crushing requirements, the tapered inertia crusher still has a large market, and the technical progress requirements for the crushing equipment of the tapered inertia crusher will be higher and higher.

The moving cone of the new cone crusher is driven by the eccentric bushing together with the vertical shaft. The eccentric bushing is driven by the horizontal shaft and the pulley and is driven by the bevel gear, which fully reflects the combination of the crusher skill and the world's preemptive skills. The design is largely one step ahead, and the high intelligence of the equipment peaks the view of the traditional crusher. To make the crushing equipment get a finer product, first input more energy. Instead of reducing the discharge opening to the school The development of new skills confirms our step-by-step growth.

Cone crusher manufacturers have made unremitting efforts in the research and development of crushing equipment. The taper of research and development can be divided into standard type, intermediate type and short head type, which can be used for medium and fine crushing operations, super breaking ability, stable performance advantage and reasonable. The price casts it into a brighter landscape in the stone production line.