Summary:Driven by the demand of aggregates market in recent year, the mobile crusher gradually develops from the extensive mode to the refinement development.

With the development of digitization and information in market, there is great potentiality for sand aggregates industry. Some words like high precision, high quality, and low consumption, low cost have become the new pronouns of mine equipment.

One of them is mobile crusher.

It can produce a variety of types of manufactured sand at the same time, and can move from place to place at any time in different field with high flexibility. But do you know how to match a proper machine to mobile crusher?

Mobile crusher can be equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and other crushing equipment.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

Driven by the demand of aggregates market in recent year, the mobile crusher gradually develops from the extensive mode to the refinement development. Nowadays, mobile jaw crusher plant is one of the mobile equipment with the highest usage in the market, especially suitable for solid waste disposal.


  • 1. The structure of mobile jaw crusher is compact, which is easy for feeding and discharging and can effectively reduce the intermediate transportation links. It can avoid many tasks of foundation construction and the demolition after project.
  • 2. Mobile jaw crusher is widely used for handing various materials with high hardness like solid wastes, granite, pebble and other ores.
  • 3. The equipment is equipped with a professional noise reduction and dust removal system, ensuring the production can meet the environmental standards.
  • 4. The integrated design of the whole equipment is easily adjustable and flexible in practical use (like crushing, screening or transporting).
  • 5. The mobile jaw crusher has characteristics of reasonable design, advanced technology and greener. Even if sold as second-hand machine, its depreciation preservation ability is still very strong.
mobile jaw crusher

Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher can be divided into wheel-type mobile crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher, which is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other industries (especially for the processing of construction solid waste).


  • 1. Whether it's a single machine or double machine, each machine is an independent work unit, which can fulfill its different responsibilities. This can greatly improve crushing efficiency and reduce the transportation cost.
  • 2. Mobile cone crusher is equipped with high performance cone crusher, which make whole system has excellent performance. The cone crusher equipped can not only achieve fine crushing, but also can directly produce fine finished aggregates with medium granularity.
  • 3. Mobile cone crusher has good adaptability and safe reliability to transportation, material size and abrasion. Meanwhile, it’s easy to install and maintain.
  • 4. The mobile cone crusher of SBM is able to create a greener aggregates production plant.
mobile cone crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

As a ‘fighter’ in mine crushing, mobile impact crusher has become a standard in aggregates industry. It possesses many functions including feeding, fine crushing and transportation with reasonable product match.


  • 1. Mobile impact crusher adopts hydraulic drive which can make its moving more flexible and stable, make installation easier and make production safer.
  • 2. Mobile impact crusher has equipped high performance engine with strong power. With high quality driving components and strong driving force, it can completely realize the climbing operation under terrible conditions.
  • 3. The equipment adopts integral structure with high strength; it can realize higher production efficiency and more flexible operation when it matches advanced crusher.
  • 4. This kind of equipment can work independently or in combination with other fixed or mobile machine. In addition, the structure of this equipment is compact, which has good adaptability to narrow place, and user can adjust the working position at any time according to actual requirements.

The above is a general introduction of major models of mobile crusher. If you have any question, please give your comment or contact us, we will send professionals to answer your questions.