Summary:In granite stone quarrying and mining operation, crushing will be the first processing stage. It is important to know which types of crushers are suitable for granite stone crushing, since choosing right crushing machine can optimize production efficiency and minimize operation cost.

Nigeria is richly endowed with granite stone and other related solid minerals like Marble, Dolomite and Basalt etc. Nigeria been a country located in the tropics has these rocks in commercial quantity and it is a means of livelihood for many in some parts of the country. In the past, it was mined manually but now there are sophisticated equipment that make quarrying very easy.

What's The Features of Granite?


Granite is a light-colored igneous rock made up of fine- and coarse-grained crystals of quartz and feldspar. Often dark crystals of mica or hornblende are mixed in the rock giving it a salt and pepper look. The color of granite, often important in its value as a building stone, is mostly determined by the color of the feldspar. Feldspar can be white, salmon, tan, or pink. The quartz crystals in granite are generally clear, milky or smoky in color.

The specific gravity of Granite ranges from 2.63 to 3.30. Granite has greater strength than sandstone, limestone or Marble and is correspondingly more difficult to quarry. It is an important building stone, and its maximum usage is in the external flooring and facing followed by internal flooring. Granite quarry crusher plant can reduce granite stones into small particle size for various construction applications.

What is Granite Sand Used For?

Granite belongs to magmatic rock, and it is also a kind of rock widely distributed in igneous rock. It is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz and biotite. Granite is a very suitable raw material for machine-made sand for the following reasons:

1. The physical permeability of granite is very small and difficult to penetrate;

2. It has high strength, heat stability, high density, and is not easy to be affected by external temperature and air;

3. It has very hard texture, good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties;

4. It is widely distributed in China and its mining cost is low.

After the granite is processed by the sand production line, the sand produced in accordance with the construction sand standard can be used instead of natural sand, alleviating the shortage of natural sand resources. After being made into sand, it has a wide range of uses and can be applied to construction, roads, mines, and metallurgy, cement, water conservancy and hydropower and other industries.

granite sand application

Process Design of Granite Crushing Production Line

In stone crushing operations, the arrange of granite crushing production line andlayout of crushing plants and optional equipment and structures is a crucial factor in meeting production requirements meantime keeping capital and operational costs to a minimum.

As we all know, the production line for granite quarrying has several necessary units, such as crushing unit, conveying machines, feeding equipment, and other auxilary machines. The key parts of granite quarrying line can be considered as the crushing unit. As for the crusher machines used for granite crushing production line, they can be divided into the jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher.

granite crushing process

1. Coarse crushing: The raw granite ore is continuously and uniformly fed to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder through the silo. The jaw crusher crushes large pieces of granite to a certain particle size through repeated squeezing. , And then transported by the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for medium and fine crushing.

2. Medium and fine crushing: The granite conveyed to the cone crusher is crushed to a small particle size under the principle of laminated crushing, and then enters the next step.

3. Screening and classification: the finely crushed granite material is sent to the circular vibrating screen under the action of the belt conveyor, and the circular vibrating screen divides it into materials with qualified particle size and materials with unqualified particle size, and materials with qualified particle size are sent To the finished material pile, the unqualified materials are re-transported to the cone crusher to continue the crushing process, until all the material particle size meets the requirements.

Granite Stone Crusher


In granite stone quarrying and mining operation, crushing will be the first processing stage. It is important to know which types of crushers are suitable for granite stone crushing, since choosing right crushing machine can optimize production efficiency and minimize operation cost.

As for granite, due to it hardness, it requires crushing machine which can deal hard stone and rocks. SBM is the professional stone crushing machine manufacturer, we provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and VSI crusher for various types of hard and medium hard stones. Jaw crusher can be applied in primary crushing stage in granite sotne crushing, impact crusher and cone crusher are often applied in second crushing operation, VSI crusher can be used in fine sand crushing applications. SBM experts will design cost-effective crushing solution according to your requirements with lowest cost and price.

Granite Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is kind of granite crusher which performs as the primary crusher, the feeding size of which can reach 1000mm, and also the final size of granite dust may be adjusted from 10-100 mm. Jaw crusher has super wear resistance and impact resistance, very flexible adaptability, more safe and reliable operation process, ultra-low failure rate, and can give full play to the coarse crushing effect of granite. It is an ideal coarse crushing equipment for granite in the current market.

Granite Impact crusher

The impact crusher is usually used for the medium and fine crushing of granite. It is made of extremely good materials in the world. The structure of each component is reasonable, the quality is quite good, the service life is super long, and it has a large processing capacity, high crushing efficiency, Special advantages such as safe and stable operation, low-carbon and environmental protection, have super pertinence and professionalism in the crushing of granite, and occupy a super high share in the crusher market.

Granite Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is another kind of granite quarrying machine which is used as the secondary crusher. SBM HST series Cone Crusher adopts computer optimization design to speed up the speed of main shaft. The unique crushing chamber replace system can quickly replace components in crushing chamber to meet different size requirement.

For high productivity, low operating and wear costs, long service life, and high product yield with desired fines, there's no better choice than a cone crusher. The cone crusher equipment has proved revolutionary in providing higher capacity and superior product quality, and in providing a wider range of application suitability. From limestone to taconite, from ballast production to manufactured sand, and from small portable plants, cone crushers provide unbeatable performance in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications.

Granite Sand Making Machine

The sand making machine is used to crush granite and make sand. It is an advanced new type of sand making equipment that can be controlled remotely, stable and reliable, and the equipment has strong sealing, not easy to produce dust pollution, and is green and environmentally friendly. It also has the function of shaping, and the finished product has a good shape.

Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen is used for the screening and classification of granite. The materials screened by this equipment are more fine and play an important role in controlling the purity, particle size and quality of finished materials. It has the special advantages of high screening efficiency, high output, strong adaptability, low power consumption and green environmental protection.

granite stone crusher in Nigeria

Benefits of Granite Stone Crusher

1. Strong crushing force. The above improved granite crushing equipment can crush the hardness of the material, with strong crushing force, good crushing effect and high crushing efficiency.

2. High production capacity. These three kinds of granite stone crushers adopt advanced design concept and manufacturing technology. Therefore, although their crushing working principles are different, the overall crushing efficiency is not low and the production capacity is strong.

3. Low failure rate. Due to the use of wear-resistant parts and the application of overall high-quality steel, these equipment have long service life and low failure rate in the process of crushing granite.

4. Obvious investment advantages. Whether it is jaw crusher or mobile crushing station, for users with different needs, as long as the granite stone crusher is selected correctly, it can obtain higher economic benefits, short capital recovery cycle and investment advantages.