SBM two major venues has perfect convergence at Bauma China 2016

On November 22, bauma China 2016—China International Construction Machinery and Equipment Expo held a grand opening ceremony in Shanghai New International Expo Center .


Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the 2nd China International Conference o

In order to protect the eco-environment by advocating solid waste utilization, China International Conference on Solid Waste Utilization & Eco-materials was convened


The SITP 2016

SBM (Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.) will attend The SITP 2016, It is a great pleasure to invite you to visit our booth there.Information for SBM (Shangha


The Bauma China 2016

SBM (Shibang Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd.) will attend The Bauma China 2016, It is a great pleasure to invite you to visit our booth there.


To Hear the Truest Voice - A Revisit to Zhejiang

This revisit took 3 days and 2 nights, during which the Shibang Revisit Team visited 8 counties/cities within Zhejiang Province. The aim was to get close to our custo


Shanghai Shibang Held Parent - Child Interactive Party

Shibang invites kids of its employees
Shanghai Shibang held a party lately on the campus of its headquarters, inviting over 30 families of its employees, especially t


SBM: Passing Down Public Welfare and Positive Energy

416 Public Welfare Activity is one of the core parts of each 416 Culture Festival. As a responsible company, Shanghai SBM has always been proliferating compassion, re


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