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B Series Belt Conveyor







Modular Design, Rapid and Reliable

The main beam and supporting legs all adopt modular design, which simplifies the production process and shortens preparation period. The modules are connected by bolts, which is reliable and convenient; the packaging is reliable, which greatly reduces the equipment damage during the transportation process and guarantees that the equipment can be rapidly assembled and put into use after being delivered to the site.

Optimized Structure, Firm and Practical

The equipment structure is optimized: the main beam adopts C-shaped steel, which is lighter in weight but is of higher bending resistance (more secure) compared with channel steel of the same grade; the supporting leg is modified as Y-type, which makes the supporting more secure and greatly increases the stockpiling space.

Optimized Transmission Mode

The equipment uses high-efficiency external mounted electric drum and has its installed mode optimized, which is lighter and more convenient compared with the driving mode of common external motor reducing gear; compared with built-in electric drum, it has better heat dissipation performance. For high-power electric drum, hydraulic coupler is used to improve the starting performance; for working environment requiring braking, brake can also be installed; if explosion proof safety is required, explosion proof motor can be used; all-magnetic and semi-magnetic electric drums can be used for ore dressing, de-ironing or other related working conditions.

Multiple Configurations and Abundant Functions

The equipment is provided with cleaning devices at both head and tail parts, and guide chute, etc.; it can also be equipped with maintenance platform, protective cover, outlet hopper, holdback and other functional parts according to the user requirements. In addition, the user can also customize special belt conveyor according to the operating requirements, such as mobile belt conveyor.








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