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HPT Series Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher








PLC Integrated Control System

We adopt advanced PLC electrical system, which can continuously detect the crusher and give alarms, and display various operating parameters. The operator can learn the operating conditions of the crusher in real time. This system not only simplifies the operations of production line and saves the labor cost, but also reduces the operation risk, so that the safety performance of the production line is higher.

More Stable Spiral Bevel Gear

Compared with the straight bevel gear used in traditional cone crusher, the spiral bevel gear introduced by SBM possesses higher efficiency and more stable transmission. This gear is designed with large arc overlapping coefficient, so that it has higher bearing capacity, more stable transmission performance, smaller noise, more reliable operation, higher wear resistance and longer life expectancy.

Contact-Type Spherical Floating Seal

HP series cone crusher is equipped with contact-type spherical floating seal on the basis of positive pressure dust control and U-T type seal, which is more beneficial to guarantee the cleanliness of lubricating oil and reduce the risks of dust or other small particles entering the cone crusher. Moreover, the contact-type floating sealing device can provide friction force, which can limit the auto-rotational speed of moving cone and enhance the stability of cone crusher when it is idling.

Hydraulic Protection & Automatic Cavity Cleaning

HP series cone crusher is equipped with fully-automatic hydraulic protection system, and the oil way of safety cylinder uses large drift diameter oil pipe and large-capacity energy accumulator so that the buffer performance is very good. Therefore, when encountering iron block or other non-crushing materials, the cone crusher can respond quickly and remove automatic sundries, so as to guarantee the safety of cone crusher.









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