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Track-type Mobile Crusher









Break Restrictions of Working Environment and Reduce Transportation Expenses

The launch of track-type mobile crusher eliminates the construction of complicated steel frame structure and foundation and saves a large amount of time. The track-type mobile crusher is unconstrained by sites and can process materials nearby, which greatly reduces the transportation expenses. What's more, the finished products will directly reach the requirements.

ld yi dong po
ld yi dong po

Dual-drive by Oil and Electricity, Free Switch between the Two Working Modes

The power system of track-type mobile crusher adopts the dual-drive by oil and electricity, through which the user can select the diesel generator or directly use the local power grid according to the actual conditions, so as to completely resolve the problems of electricity utilization in some remote areas, and satisfy the demands for saving fuel costs of some users.

Hydraulic Operation and Control

This mobile crusher adopts hydraulic device, which can realize very stable and flexible operation and realize control for equipment installation. The track-type mobile crusher is equipped with load-sensitive control system and multi-protection device, which can realize safer operation and higher energy utilization rate.

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Flexible Configuration and Wide Application

Multiple models of crushers and screens such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and screen are provided ,which can be used for coarse crushing, intermediate and fine crushing, and screening; through these facilities, we can provide optimal configuration schemes for the users through flexible combination according to the user requirements. The mobile crusher can be operated independently or with other track-type mobile crushers, and can be matched and combined with other fixed or mobile equipment; it is of compact structure, and can be used in narrow sites, and its operating position can be adjusted at any time as required.

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