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PEW Series European Jaw Crusher








Hydraulic Wedge Adjustment, Taking 3min to Finish 2h of Workload

The discharging opening of PEW series jaw crusher can be adjusted more rapidly and more conveniently. Semi-automatic wedge adjusting device is used, which utilizes hydraulic device to drive the two wedges between adjustment seat and rack back wall, and to make them move relatively to realize the adjustment of discharging opening of the jaw crusher. It greatly reduces the manual operations; compared with traditional adjustment device, this device is more intelligent and convenient and can complete the adjustment within 2-3 minutes.

Integral Steel Casting Technology

SBM uses high-quality steel castings for the core load bearing parts of jaw crusher, i.e. moving jaw and bearing block; this technology not only guarantees the perfect fitting and seamless connection of crusher rack, but also enhances the radial strengths of the parts, thus realizing more reliable performance and higher durability of the jaw crusher.

More Precise Digitized Processing

SBM owns tens of production lines of numerically-controlled machine, which can realize digital control and high machining precision from steel plate cutting, bending, planning, milling and painting. Some core parts are processed as precisely as possible.

Sectional Jaw Plates Cut Maintenance Cost

Through collection of operation situations at customer sites, SBM's R&D team noted that due to the feeding mode and the particularity of the operating principles of jaw crusher, the lower part of moving jaw bearing wears faster than other parts so that using integral jaw plate will obviously increase the operation and maintenance costs. In order to solve this problem, SBM uses three-section jaw plate design in large-scale jaw crusher: if the lower jaw plate wears seriously, operators can exchange the positions of lower and upper jaw plates, and continue using this plate to save cost.









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